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Ivo Neame: 'Moksha', May 17th, 2018

Tuesday, 22 May 2018 , ora 12.30
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I hope we've all been part to, as well as here at Jazzy Hour, the Phornesis phenomenon, the incredible trio from which can be distinguished the style of the piano player Ivo Neame - spontaneous, complex and very technical, with a creativity that should have extended outside the strong international group.

Back to his function of group leader, Neame presents something similar to what we have heard from Phronesis or Marius Neset, where it has an important role. Labyrinth-like compositions, executed in style and focus, reflecting on the suggested theme and on the title in Sanskrit, Moksha, which refers to the life, death and rebirth cycles. The tenor saxophone accompanies the piano during the song, while the writing keeps us attentive, in order not to lose any of the sequences.

Only if we think of the musical personality of Ivo Neame, we get excited to listen to this album. The only breathing space is indicated between the complete auditions of this album. The rest has the intensity that only modern, superlative jazz can have.

Berti Barbera
Translated by Gabriela Orășanu, MTTLC, An I
Proofreading: Mihaela Ghițescu, MTTLC, An II