A small gesture for a different life

Each small gesture counts for us, as life itself is made of small gestures and seemingly unimportant decisions, which in the end prove to have changed everything.

Listening to (at least) 5 minutes of classical music a day can account for such a gesture. A lot has been written on the influence of classical music over the human intellect and affectivity, as well as on its global importance from a cultural standpoint. The music of a civilization is not just the expression of that era's entertainment, but also the sum of all its conquests, often anticipating subsequent developments.

Research studies also indicate that classical music has direct effects on the human psyche: the Mozart effect on children who study Maths or on cows giving milk is well-known.

A green campaign for the soul

We live in a time when debates over the environment are on a daily agenda, and this is a good thing, because our children will live on this Earth as well. We also live in a time when planting a tree deep inside a human's soul becomes essential as one's soul and conscience are truly the most valuable riches we leave to our descendants.

Therefore Radio Romania Music sets in motion a project with the goal of fighting against the pollution of one's essence: five minutes of classical music a day can become an efficient statement against all the criticized aspects of Romanian society, a gesture that can draw together all forces in the Romanian cultural environment, a gesture intended for us all, but mostly aimed at our children and our youth.

How it works: Radio Romania Music airs in FM band and offers to its partners the 5 minutes of classical music a day, accompanied by the following notification: "Listen to five minutes of classical music, a project by Radio Romania Music, supported by..........(partner's name)". The project's partners broadcast the 5 minutes of classical music when the flux of visitors is at the highest peak.

Time frame: Between the 1st and 31st of October, 2010. A different piece of music will be aired each day.

Cities and partners - Click on the link to see where the project takes place.

How can I help - In many ways. Check the link.

Support the project - Here you can send us any type of text, audio and video concerning the project.

Musical pieces - Check the list. Starting with the 1st of October, we will upload the audio files on a daily basis.

The official launch of: ''Listen to five minutes of classical music''

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