A Project in Unconventional Places

One of the main educational and cultural projects of the Radio Romania public corporation entitled "Listen to Five Minutes of Classical Music" wants to draw close the public to classical music in unconventional and crowded places but also in the Romanian schools at Music classes. The campaign has started in October 2010 with auditions in public spaces like hypermarkets, mall, libraries and museums and since then it continued biannual in March and October. The musical piece of the day can be listened at Radio Romania but also here.

A Project in Romanian Schools

Since 2014, "Listen to Five Minutes of Classical Music" it is also a national programme in Romanian schools thanks to a partnership between Radio Romania and the Ministry of National Education. This project facilitates the approach of children towards classical music in the easiest way through audition given by Radio Romania that include a musical piece but also a story about that musical piece. Children also have the chance to participate at an online contest with questions from the musical pieces they`ve heard. In the school year of 2014-2015 about 120.000 children from all over the country have participated to this project and in the school year of 2015-2016, 145.000 children have participated and were organized two national competitions: one was about drawings inspired by the music for the pupils in the primary classes and one of musical auditions for the pupils in the gymnasium classes.
Musical pieces for pupils can be listened here.