How can I help

If you like the project, you can help it reach many more places. You may suggest a location for the project, but pay attention to the legal provisions which you can consult at the following address: It concerns the license to distribute ambient music.

We want our project to take place twice a year, so even if now in October 2010 you cannot bring the project to the location you suggested, do not hesitate to contact us so that we may take you into account for the next edition which we hope will take place in March 2011.

You may also help us by coming to University Square, on Friday, the 1st of October, at 6pm. It is important to show that we who defend the true values are many and stand united.

If you are not from Bucharest, take the initiative and arrange for an audition in your city on the same day and time. Music friends from Botosani and Craiova are already mobilizing to that end. Contact us to receive our help.