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Sol Gabetta - Bertrand Chamayou: 'The Chopin Album' on 'Arpeggio', March 4th, 2015

Wednesday, 4 March 2015 , ora 8.53

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Starting with 4th March, the classical music loving audience from Zurich can listen to a recital of the famous Argentine cellist Sol Gabetta, who is established in Switzerland and who started her career performing with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in 2004, when it was conducted by Valeri Gergiev. Since then her artistic profile has developed in a manner worthy of admiration. Sol Gabetta has a very busy concert agenda and also a close collaboration with the most famous record companies. We can see her among the Sony artists, with a beautiful individualized catalogue, such as: three ʽVivaldi Projectʼ albums, a Haydn - Hofmann - Mozart album which was recorded along with the Basel Chamber Orchestra, a Shostakovich album, where we can also see the Mihaela Ursuleasa's name, a Duo performed with the pianist Helene Grimaux, the Elgar Concert for which she received the third prize ECHO Klassik, and many others. Now we make reference to a recent release - The Chopin Album, another violoncello - piano dialogue signed by Sol Gabetta and Bertrand Chamayou. Those two have been playing together for many years, but only now they appear on the cover of this album as colleagues, an album which was launched by Sony on 13th February.

The cellist declares in an interview that: ʽMost of the musicians are rushing to get into the recording studios without having the necessary experience required, which is actually the real experience. Usually, we are recording too early. There are already twenty years old artists who launched important works having a large repertory, but in the case of the pianist it is not the same thing.ʼ On the other hand, this album is the result of an experience of eight, nine years, during which period the two interpreters appeared in thousands of recitals. Moreover, as Sol Gabetta states, ʽif it weren`t for Bertrand Chamayou's experience, I would have never recorded a Chopin album. ʼ

The Chopin Album starts with Sonata in G minor for violoncello and piano. What we can say about this is that the two artists have found enough options in order to be able to record their own version. Despite the fact that this sonata, Chopin`s most famous work, where the soloist is the other instrument and not the piano, does not share the destiny of the opuses with a thousands of versions, which are often very different and do not accept innovation. Apart from this Sonata, Sol Gabetta and Bertrand Chamayou propose more shorter pieces , some of them being less known - Grand Duo in E major on themes from the Robert le diable opera by Meyerbeer - composed in 1832 by Chopin with his good old friend Auguste-Joseph Franchomme, the most famous cellist of the era. We can discover one of the Op. 25 Studies and two Nocturnes, all of them recording the deeper and touchable atmosphere of Chopin's compositions. We can remark the musicality beyond the usual limits, two artists who are exploring their most subtle intentions and a way to live in this world of Chopin's music. We admire the intense sounds, which are totally ravishing, this untempered Romanticism enveiled in poetry and the beautiful communion between those two instruments.

Sol Gabetta and Bertrand Chamayou offer us one of the most inspired albums of this year. We do not think that this is a hazardous statement. The album is already on the highest positions in, after three weeks since it was launched. Paraphrasing a journalist from the 'Frankfurter Rundschau', we can find Sol Gabetta in these sentences filled with poetry, creating ʽan ideal sound which is not also looking for beauty but also for life itselfʼ. To these we add the particularly refined and relevant remarks of the young pianist Bertrand Chamayou - a Chopin album included in the ʽVote for the best classical album of 2015ʼ campaign on Radio Romania Music.

(Arpeggio, Cd Review, March 4th , 11.30)

Marina Nedelcu
Translated by Oana Diaconu and Ana Cristina Dumitrache
MTTLC, the University of Bucharest