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The Best Selling Album of the Year - Timeless with David Garrett, in CD review from 14th of December

Monday, 14 December 2015 , ora 10.47

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'Timeless' is the title of the album that reunites two of the most known Concerts for violin and orchestra of the romance repertory, proposed by David Garrett in a collaboration with Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and the conductor Zubin Mehta - Concerts by Max Bruch and Johannes Brahms, performed by this superstar of his generation, who succeeded the performance to be in the public eye of youths with his crossover approaches. It is well-known the fact that the German-American artist abandons the classical pattern through image, temper, music and the type of concerts that he performs and aims at the pop or rock musicians statute. Although, he maintains as a base the classical repertory that he flavours it though, with type of music mentioned above. On the other hand, David Garrett does not give up to his 'first love' and continues to held concerts and to release albums in the most original classical style. And 'Timeless' proves it. Actually, we are confronting with a strategy that is also explained by the maestro Zubin Mehta: 'I hope that this album will help David`s other audience - the crossover audience to listen to Brahms and Bruch and to admire his honesty towards this music. I hope that David will bring this new generation in the classical concert hall. In this way, it is very useful and positive what he does.

It is not easy to oscillate between those two worlds. The requirements and the competition on the classical branch can be merciless, as well as the maintenance of a young audience who has so many alternatives, can also be a challenge that most of the artist from the classical music do not even think about it. How can David Garrett do this performance? He does this with a lot of pragmatism, as he declares in his interviews. He considers that it is a waste of time to look in the direction of the competition, while you can concentrate on your own way. It is not considered brilliant just one person who worked very much. It is also considered that it is an art to know when you must leave the music to sparkle and to draw back, not to highlight yourself.

And more than that, his entire crossover demarche has a final goal, the youth`s approach on the classical music.

But let us talk about the two Concerts from the content of the 'Timeless' album. The emphasis is placed on the fidelity towards the two composers` intentions. David Garrett proposes classical lyrics, maybe it does not innovate at the level of performance, or we shall say that is does not deviate from the known line.

The speech appears both passionate and sensitive, and as Zubin Mehta declares 'the violinist uses his technique and the beautiful sound in order to serve the music that he performs. 'The Concerts are recorded without re-runs, as in the situation of a live performing, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra is as well at the level of prestige gained in decades of existence. It appears, of course, the temptation of judging David Garrett towards the crossover repertory that he promotes it with so much success, or towards his image (long hair, the jewelleries, the persistence of his smile, the photos with a commercial tint), but it might be a mistake in this case. More than that, 'the recipe' proves its viability. 'Timeless' is, according to ECHO Klassik, the best-selling album of the year 2015, and thus, it received the prize. Quod erat demonstrandum!

We present you this album in CD-Review from 14th of December, at 11:15, at the Radio Romania Music, rubric affiliated to the Arpeggio emission, 'Timeless' being also included in the 'Vote the disc of classical music of the year 2015' campaign.

Marina Nedelcu
Translated by Oana Diaconu
MTTLC, the University of Bucharest, 2nd Year