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Mozart in the Interpretation of Lucas and Arthur Jussen Brothers- Arpeggio 9th and 10th of February 2016

Friday, 19 February 2016 , ora 9.10

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Even if they are 19 and 22 years old, the Dutch pianists brothers, Arthur and Lucas Jussen are well-known in the concert halls of Europe, together but also as soloists. It is said that they are the protegees of Maria Joao Pires and thanks to her they`ve started to collaborate with important orchestras worldwide. Beyond that, the Jussen brothers prove on this Mozart album, which I invite you to enjoy it in two CD reviews, that they`ve got a lot of talent. One reason would be that they are on their fourth album launched under the prestigious Deutsche Grammophon label. Arthur and Lucas Jussen are a very fresh appearance, for some quite striking because of their black T-shirts and with their fair hair brushed under the latest fashion and performing…Mozart at piano. Beyond this image the performance of these two brothers emanates a huge pleasure of performing with the youthfulness, sincerity and joy that Wolfgang Amadeus would have surely wished for.

Jussen brothers were remarked at an early age. In 2001, at the age of 8, Lucas reached the finals during the Rotterdam Festival at the piano contest, while Arthur, at the same age was announced the "Young Musical Talent of 2004" at National Music Competiton of the "Young Talent" Foundation.

In 2005, the two brothers have studied for almost a year in Portugal and Brazil at the invitation of the well-known pianist Maria Joao Pires.

In 2011, Lucas and Arthur Jussen were rewarded with the Concertgebouw Young Talent prize, an award that was given for the first time in that year.

Their Mozartian experience, despite their age was made years ago. At the age of 9, Lucas Jussen was performing Piano Concerto No. 12 in A major, K. 414 in the Great Hall of Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. In 2005, for the celebration of silver jubilee of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, the two brothers performed Piano Concerto No.10 in E-flat major, K.365 with the Concertgebouw Royal Orchestra. They have performed the same score in 2012 at the concert that marked twenty years of existence of the well-known "Pianists at Concertgebouw" masterclass series.

Here is a very promising calling card for the most recently launched Mozart album, in October 2015 that also means the debut of their collaboration with St. Martin in the Fields Academy and the conductor Sir Neville Marriner.

The Mozart album has the concerts for two pianos KV 242 in F major and KV 365 in E- flat major, performed with the mentioned orchestra and for the deluxe edition, a bonus, Sonata KV 381 in D major Four-hands for piano.

The Jussen brothers excellently complete each other in this game of contrasts drawn by Mozart unnoticeably changing the role from a leader of the musical discourse with the echo one to simply by a harmonic accompaniment. Arthur and Lucas communicate and complete each other wonderfully, have the same tone, the same light touch temperament and the same technique by giving the sensation that you are listening to a single instrument in the hands of a single pianist.

St. Martin in the Fields Academy and conductor Neville Marriner balance the musical discourse with the Mozart experience gathered along the years and proves himself to be the perfect partner. The orchestra sustains, sometimes challenges or calms the enthusiasm of Jussen brothers, as for the result to be a very realistic portrait of Mozart. And so, in the hands of two young fair haired boys, dressed in black T-shirts, Mozart is present here and now, in our times.

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At Radio Romania Music you can listen to Arthur and Lucas Jussen performing Mozart at the CD review column at "Arpeggio" broadcast on the 9th and 10th of February, at 11.30.

Gabriel Marica
Translated by Ilinca Elena Dinulescu
MTTLC, the University of Bucharest