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Dorothea Roschmann - An album with 5 feminine mozartian characters

Friday, 1 April 2016 , ora 10.07

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An album with 5 feminine mozartian characters

After 20 years since her first debut acclaimed by the critics, at Salzburg Festival, in the character of Susanne from "Figaro's Wedding", Dorothea Roschmann launches her first solo Mozart album, on which she included, among others, well known arias from "Don Giovanni" and of course, "Figaro's Wedding". ". Dorothea Roschmann - Mozart Arias it's an unique portrait album. There are 8 arias live-recorded in 5 days, moments for 4 different creations and one concerto aria, which wants to show 5 mozartian women. Either they were caught in the toils of love; either brought to desperation, these characters offers Dorothea Roschmann large possibilities to show her vocal incandescence and the emotional palette, sometimes brought to the extreme. Her voice is dark, exuberant. This is why you should not expect a fluid Mozart calm and luminous, but a dramatic Amadeus filled with tensions, performed by a singer-actress. She is capable to offer great moments of quite, in which you can feel a glimpse of tension, because they expose the nature of the involved character, either tragic or comic.

I cannot notice the resemblance of the album with the one signed by the German bass-baritone Christian Gerhaher, a record which I recently presented in a CD Review category. If Gerhaher wanted an album of masculine eros transformations in the last mozartian operas, I found Dorothea Roschmann trying a feminine approach of love in lyrical theatre of Amadeus. The difference is that the soprano is bringing to her characters an intensity to her emotions up to the extremeidentity with the one that we are used to believe that Mozart was thinking about them, even if we are talking about Donna Anna from "Don Giovanni", Elettra from "Idomeneo", Vitellia from "La clemenza di Tito", Contesa from "Figaro's Wedding", or Titano in the concerto aria "Bella mia fiamm, addio" KV 528.

The most important mozartian soprano of the moment.

They say about Dorothea Roschmann that is one of the most important mozartian soprano of the moment - "Der Tagesspiegel". And the present album fully pictures her position. In fact, it is a dream came true because the artist declares in an interview for "The Guardian": Mozart is the reason I wanted to sing opera, to be in the posture in which I can fully show Mozart on stage. Her characters are real human beings, with their sadness, happiness, and all their emotional states. Sounds odd but singing Mozart is in fact a dream that came true.

In my opinion Dorothea's Roschmann - Mozart Arias, is one of the albums that it fits the actual statute of the soprano. The moments were chosen, so that they can show the best after you listen soprano's powerful voice. Her characters look dramatic, alive, energetic, without conventional boundaries of expressiveness, without taking apart the mozartian essence. The Swedish Radio Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Daniel Harding, so it can offer a support, which graphics to create all the arguments favoring the interpretation. The result it's a fresh Mozart, coming close to nonconformism. Isn't it Mozart whom "broke the barriers of his time" - like they say.

This deserves all the attention. That is why this album was included in "Vote the classical musical disc of 2016" campaign.

Gabriel Marica
Translated by Ștefan Alexandra
MTTLC II, University of Bucharest