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A Romanian premiere of a discography - the entire work of Beethoven played by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and Sir Simon Rattle

Monday, 9 May 2016 , ora 9.55

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During the entire course of its prestigious existence, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra has enjoyed the collaboration with the exceptional conductors who marked the international musical world and have left their trace in the development of the Berlin Orchestra. From the very beginning when the orchestra had been formed, in 1882, the German musicians have valued the constructive and long-term relationships with the masters that were at the conductor's desks in front of them. Therefore, during his history that had already had 134 years, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra has only six masters who have been permanently employees: Hans von Bülow, Arthur Nikisch, Wilhelm Furtwängler, Herbert von Karajan, Claudio Abbado, and in the last two years, Sir Simon Rattle. The recording of the Beethoven's cycle of symphonies has marked the important moments during the historical route of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. There are already some recordings of these symphonically masterpieces played by of the prestigious German ensemble under the stick of Herbert von Karajan - the author of not less than four versions of discography, and three of them at the desk of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra - and of Claudio Abbado. Moreover, the expectations in what regards the interpretative visions of Sir Rattle, the nowadays conductor of the institution, are as great as of his predecessors. If you are all wondering why these symphonies are so special, why we pay so much attention to them, Rattle explains: "One of the things that Beethoven made is to give us a mirror in which we have to see ourselves - a mirror in which we can see who we are as musicians." The music sheets contain a treasure of extreme emotions and exceptional and even revolutionary compositional ideas, ideas that they only have to discover the qualities of the orchestra and to (also) put the vision of the conductor under the magnifying glass.

Sir Simon Rattle confesses about his own interpretative approach: "(There is the risk of) making Beethoven to seem too sophisticated and elegant, cleaning him excessively. You can make him to be in according with himself when he actually struggles. I think that the music must be played as simple as it is possible." The Concerts that the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and its conductor have showed in October 2015 have been widely acclaimed for the enthusiasm of the interpretation. The public stood up and applauded them at every ending of the concerts of the Beethoven series played in Paris, Vienna and New York.

You have the opportunity to listen to the entire cycle of the Lodwig van Beethoven's symphonies in the Arpeggio week that starts on 9th of May 2016. From Monday to Friday at 11:30 a.m., you may daily listen to the compositional masterpieces in a version - itself - dignified to be a legend. Moreover, you are invited to follow the declarations of Sir Simon Rattle and an interview with the only Romanian musician that play in the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, the violinist Laurentius Dinca, employee of the institution since 1984.

Translated by Negoiță Roxana-Beatrice
MTTLC, the University of Bucharest