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Berg, Webern and Schonberg- the album of Belcea Quartet received an award at the 2016 Echo Klassic Gala , CD Review starting 2nd of November

Wednesday, 2 November 2016 , ora 12.40

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It's one of the most valuable chamber ensemble of the moment. Violonist Corina Belcea is the one who founded the quartet in 1994. Alongside her at the moment the band has as members, Axel Schacher - violin , Krzysztof Chorzelski - viola , Antoine Lederlin - cello.

The over 20 year carreer, are reflected in an impressive discography that includes the integrals of the quartets of Bela Bartok and Benjamin Britten, such as works of Franz Schubert, Johannes Brahms, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel and Henri Dutilleux.

Since 2010, the Belcea Quartet shares its residency at Vienna Konzerthaus, with the Artemis Quartet, the chamber ensemble whose album was awarded at the 2016 Echo Klassic, in the category for chamber music of the nintheen century, that you've recently listened in CD Review.

Recently, the musicians have created their own trust fund, Belcea Quartet Trust, whose main objectives are to support young string quartets, through a series of intensive sessions of mentoring and to commission new works from the leading composers of today, and to be interpreted by the Belcea Quartet in the future.

Berg, Webern and Schonberg

The album's works Bern Webern and Schoenberg were released in 2015 on Octber 16th, and are included in the campaign "Vote for the classical music disc of the year 2016 " . The reason is not necessarily the obtained Echo Klassic award, but the fact that despite the reluctance with which the general public turn to the music of the Second Viennese School, the complexity of techniques and intense expressionism, the innovative opus created by Arnold Schoenberg, Alban Berg and Anton Webern, this album manages to offer a very pleasant listening experience The album is remarkable for the profound emotional impulsivity, and creates a relaxing feeling of accessibility for the listener .The most obvious argument is the Transfigured op. 4 Night Sextet, Armold Schoenberg's passionate work from 1899. Next to this opus, in the same tone stands the slow movement for the string quartet composed by Anton Webern in 1905. Among these works, there stand the compressed expressions of the 5 movements op 5, composed by the same Webern in 1909 and the Lyrical Suite by Alban Berg in 1926. Belcea Quartet plays this music with great expressive depth. The passions of the four instrumentalists, in which Nicolas Bone - viola, Antonio Meneses - cello, joins for the Sextet of Schoenberg, their technical skills make this music amazing, and that also changed the history of it, and made it to resound forcefully and misteriously.

This album leave to those whom are listening to it, an audio experience full of surprises.

That is why I invite you to listen to an excerpt from this album, Transfigured op. 4 Night Sextet by Armold Schoenberg , CD Review (12,15) on November 2nd.

Gabriel Marica
Translated by Stefan Alexandra-Maria
MMTLC II (promotia 2014/2016)