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Drivetime - 6th April, 2012

Friday, 6 April 2012 , ora 9.52
Waiting for Yasmin Levy's New Album

Yasmin Levy's name is no longer a secret: starting with 2004, the singer - a worthy representative of the ladino genre, the Judaic - Hispanic music - releases albums, holds concerts and dazzles with her unique voice and the intensity of her experiences with which she envelops her pieces. Looking through the singer's agenda - she was born in Jerusalem on 23rdDecember, 1975 - we find that Yasmin Levy held a concert on 29thMarch at the Beit Abi Chai Cultural Centre. During this time, she is also recording her seventh album, which is to be released in September this year. Yasmin Levy's most recent album, titled Sentir, was released in 2009, and last fall, her European fans had the opportunity to purchase it, in limited edition, as a double CD, under Harmonia Mundi record label. This version of the album included five new tracks, recorded for the first time, a documentary about the process of making the album and even some scores of the songs that can be found on this album, in pdf. format. No doubt Yasmin Levy is an unforgettable voice: event the prestigious British publication, The Times, chose the album Sentiramong the 100 most important albums released in 2009. And so, we eagerly await the singer's new album.

The Release of an Album Dedicated to Arvo Part's Music

And since we mentioned the name of the famous record label Harmonia Mundi, you must know that among the eagerly expected releases of this label is the album Creator Spiritus, dedicated in its entirety to the choral, instrumental and chamber music of Arvo Part, one of the most important figures of religious music of today. The works which can be found on this disc have been selected from different creation periods of the Estonian composer, born in 1935 - with ten titles making up the album, adding up to around seventy five minutes of music. Two of the most significant vocal ensembles of the moment, 'Theatre of Voices' and 'Ars Nova Copenhagen' collaborated, under conductor Paul Hillier, in making the album which will have its official release on 10thApril.

Paul Hillier - baritone and English conductor, was born on 9thFebruary, 1949, in Dorchester, and is known throughout the music world because of his activity in emblematic vocal ensembles, of which he was the founder of: in 1974, 'Hilliard Ensemble' Quartet and in 1989 - 'Theatre of Voices'. Originally made up of American musicians, the vocal group 'Theatre of Voices' has at the moment an international character, thanks to the origin of its members. With a worldwide recognition for tackling a diverse repertoire, from John Download to opera signed by Luciano Berio and John Cage, the 'Theatre of Voices' ensemble records its albums exclusively with the 'Harmonia Mundi' record label. Another ensemble managed, from the position of head-conductor by Paul Hillier is the 'Ars Nova' Ensemble from Copenhagen. Made up of twelve members, the group has been collaborating with the English musician since 2003. 'Ars Nova Copenhagen' - a group created in 1979, has as a main purpose the promotion of music by Danish and Scandinavian composers, representatives of contemporary music. Dramatic theatre, movies and also ballet are artistic genres familiar to the members of the ensemble because of their collaboration with international famous artists. So, we are looking forward to the album where Arvo Part's music is performed by the ensembles conducted by Paul Hillier. They were joined in this project by the NYYD Quartet from Estonia, by organ player Christopher Bowers-Broadbent, soprano Else Torp, tenor Chris Watson and, naturally, baritone Paul Hillier.

Sundance Film Festival in Great Britain Capital City

The Sundance Film Festival - which is already emblematic for independent projects of the kind in United States of America - will also be held, at the end of this month, in the capital city of Great Britain. Named after the Sundance non-profit institute, created at the initiative of the famous actor and director Robert Redford, the Festival - in its London edition - is scheduled between 26thand 29thApril and will include, besides the film presentation, an important series of concerts and even photo exhibitions. The event will be housed in the O2 entertainment district - district that includes a concert arena, music clubs, restaurants and a huge cinema. Robert Redford declared when launching the new edition of the Sundance Film Festival that he had reached 'his purpose of promoting in Great Britain the best independent cinematographic projects from the United States of America, and also the ones who produced them, to challenge them to reflect on the expression possibilities that movies propose.'


Alexandra Cebuc
Translated by Florina Sămulescu
MTTLC, Bucharest University