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The International Festival of Musical Performing Arts 'Life is beautiful!' the fourth edition

Tuesday, 15 November 2011 , ora 10.50

The fourth edition of theInternational Festival of Musical Performing Arts "Life is beautiful!" organized by the National Operetta Theatre "Ion Dacian" will take place between November 10thand 12th, 2011. With guests from more than ten countries, the festival includes operetta performances, musicals and ballet, concerts, conferences, nights with traditional outset, book launches and exhibitions.

We have found out more information about the 2011 edition from an interview with Răzvan Ioan Dincă, the general manager of the National Operetta Theatre "Ion Dacian".

We are at the debut of a new and full of events edition of the Festival 'Life is beautiful'. Which are the novelties this year?

First of all, although we all thought that it would be a poor year from the point of view of quality and the number of events, we have a record - there are over ninety-two events in this festival and over 600 artists who attend it, which is an abundance and a variety of offers for the audience. The structure of the festival remains the same, and it will be replenished with only by adding some important personalities. We still have an international operetta and musical gala, which this time will take place at Sala Palatului within a concert hall of 4,500 seats. It is a hall which requires some time to be filled, but we hope that it will be full, because we did not only arrange a simple concert, but a spectacular gala with aerobatics, music, dance, living animals and other elements. At the same time we have concerts like Emma Shapplin, Ornella Vanoni, Richard Galliano or The Tiger Lillies, who attend our festival for the third time, we have the shows of the theatres from Sankt Petersburg and Kiev, workshops for children and a workshop led for the first time in Romania by Thomas Richards, the one with whom Grotowski worked at his laboratory theatre.

The third edition of the musical theatre performance contest, entitled the 'Ion Dacian' trophy, is included in the festival's programme.

Regarding this trophy, at Mr. Mihai Cosma's demand, the young man or the young woman, who wins the award, will be cast one of the roles at the National Operetta Theatre during the next theatrical season, an award which represents a very important artistic motivation for the contestants at this event.

Andreea Chiselev
Translated by Elena Enache and Raluca Petre
MTTLC, Bcharest University