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Interview with Killian Forster - the Dresden Jazz Days

Tuesday, 12 November 2013 , ora 16.20
Between 8th and 17th November, 2013, the 13th edition of the Jazz Days Festival will take place in Dresden. Important soloists and bands have been signed in the programme. Mister Killian Forster, director and organizer of the Festival, has offered us information about this event. We should mention that the band KLAZZ BROTHERS and CUBA PERCUSSION has participated, in one of the projects from the agenda of SIBIU - European Capital of Culture, in 2007.

Mister Killian Forster, for a few days the city of Dresden is hosting the new edition of the Jazz Days Festival. What does it offer this year?

Our jazz festival includes twenty four concerts that take place in various beautiful locations, also outside Dresden, in places as the Meissen Porcelain Manufactory. In the concert schedule we included jazz, pop, classical and rock music. The festival is organized by the Klazz Brothers and combines classical music with jazz; that is why we try to connect with other genres of music and, also because of this, we perform crossover music, as well as pure jazz.

This has become a traditional festival in the culture of the city of Dresden.

Now we are at its 13th edition. The festival is organized by me and my wife. We began with only a few artistic moments and today we reached 13.000 participants. It is the most important festival from central Germany, produced with a very low budget, which we provide – my wife and me – but we are glad to bring together wonderful artists at Dresden, artists who we know, and who we met all over the world. These artists are close to me, they are wonderful musicians; they perform jazz not only for me, but also for their heart. They know how to handle the instruments, they are masters. Otherwise they wouldn’t be guests at the festival!

But who are these masters, who are the guests at this edition?

We have among the guests Martin Tingvall, Iiro Rantala, China Moses – the girl of Dee Dee Bridgewater. It will be a night of funk and soul music with a German band. Then, the night will continue with dance music by Klazz Brothers &Cuba Percussion and Olvido – a spectacular performer. The guitarist Giorgio Stefan will be present and my brother, the pianist Tobias Forster, founding member of the band – will complete his project of combining sacred music with jazz. A brass and percussion group will perform alongside the organist Tobias Forster. Yesterday evening (Monday, 11th November, 2013), the percussionist Mohammad Reza Mortazavi went on stage and performed a one man show. Today our guest will be Georg Breinschmid, a bass virtuoso from the world of jazz. The pianist of our band offers the public a night with Bruno Bohmer Camacho and his friends – a Columbian project. The agenda of this edition includes, also, the group Lily Dahab from Argentina, Quadro Nuevo. The final night belongs to the band Klazz Brothers & Cuba Percussion. We will release the CD, Classic meets Cuba. On the stage, there will be dancers and Wolfgang Lackerschmid.

Irina Hasnaș
Translated by Georgiana Ecaterina Cotolan and Elena Daniela Radu
MTTLC, The University of Bucharest