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Interview with Voicu Enăchescu, the conductor of the 'Preludiu' Choir

Monday, 18 November 2013 , ora 10.51
One of the most important events dedicated to choral music in Romania is the ‘Paul Constantinescu’ season. The organizer is Voicu Enăchescu, the conductor of the Chamber Choir ‘Preludiu’.

Mr. Voicu Enăchescu, here’s a new ‘Paul Constantinescu’ season. What are the main events in November?

This is the third ‘Paul Constantinescu’ season organized by the National Choral Association of Romania, mainly for the groups in Bucharest (this was the initial concept – a Bucharest choral season), but choirs from towns and counties close to Bucharest also participate.

The ‘Paul Constantinescu’ season opened with a religious music concert on 4th November. As a matter of fact, the season itself has two components: concerts of religious music and of lay music. As I was saying, it opened at the ‘St. Elefterie’ Church, with a concert of religious music, orthodox and not only, given by the Chamber Choir ‘Preludiu’.

On the following Monday (the concerts are scheduled every two weeks, always on a Monday), the concert will be given by the Choir ‘Symbol’, conducted by Professor Jean Lupu.

On 9th December, again at the ‘St. Elefterie’ Church, there will be the concert of the ‘St. Mina’ Choir from the Slobozia archbishopric. The members of this choir are all priests and, obviously, they sing religious music; it is conducted by the priest Cătălin Stanciu. On the same date, the ‘Euterpe’ Choir, conducted by Georgeta Aldea, will also perform. So, there will be two choirs participating in the concert at the ‘St. Elefterie’ Church, on 9th December.

On 16th December there will be the concert of the Theological Seminary Choir from Bucharest, conducted by Ștefan Constantin Răzvan. This concert will take place at the Concert Hall of the ‘Romanian Youth’ National Art Centre. And this, I believe, concludes the ‘Paul Constantinescu’ season until the end of the year.

Is this ‘Paul Constantinescu’ season which you initiated important? Are there special guests, eager to participate in this circuit?

Yes, it is. When it comes to choirs, there are a lot of enthusiasts and groups who want to participate in this season. We were able to fill the agenda until July next year. Regarding the audience, I must say - with no surprise, but with great satisfaction and pleasure – that the venues where the ‘Paul Constantinescu’ season takes place are always packed, full of listeners and among those, every time, there are some choral music aficionados who enjoy coming to listen to the novelties both in the Romanian and in the world choral creation.

Our intention with these concerts was to try and reinvigorate the amateur choral movement in our country, given that lately, this has been somewhat overlooked.

Thank you very much and we wish you the best of luck.

Thank you for the attention you give to this event.

Irina Hasnaș
Translated by Mihaela Olinescu and Elena Daniela Radu
MTTLC, The University of Bucharest