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Excellence in Romanian Culture

Wednesday, 29 August 2012 , ora 15.09

Pianist Ilinca Dumitrescu is celebrated on Wednesday, 29th August, 2012, on her sixtieth birthday. During a ceremony, Ilinca Dumitrescu will receive an excellence award offered by Euro CulturArt Association. The distinction was set up this year and it marks the excellence of a career in contemporary Romanian culture. The event is taking place at the 'Carol I' Central University Library.

Dan Mircea Cipariu, president of the Euro CulturArt Association, had the courtesy to talk to us about this event:

'It's a grand event. It's not the first time Euro CulturArt and the Central University Library come together for this type of event. For example, on 15th January, on National Culture Day, we organized Young Writer's Gala and we offered the '2010 and 2011 Poetry of the Year' award to some great poets like Ioan S. Pop or Ion Muresan. We've thought we would give for the first time an excellence award to a cultural personality who is still alive and the first name on this list is Mrs. Ilinca Dumitrescu's for two important reasons: her very famous musical work but also her cultural one, because Mrs. Dumitrescu was for many years the director of the 'George Enescu' Museum. As I said, she has also a cultural work, and of nurturing musical talents, and presenting multiart cultural programmes; either the connection between poetry and music or visual arts and music, those are the reasons that made us think we should reward this career and this cultural work with an excellence award. The award is a splendid piece by one of the most important visual artists in Romania; I'm talking about Mihail Zgondoiu.'

Andreea Chiselev
Translated by Florina Sămulescu
MTTLC, Bucharest University