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About SoNoRo Interferences with Violist Razvan Popovici

Monday, 21 May 2012 , ora 9.42
The SoNoRo Interference programme continues in 2012. This year you organized a workshop in Kiev.

What was the novelty these courses brought, in terms of the experience exchange you told us about some time ago?

Besides the fact that it was the first time we organized the Interferences tour in a metropolis, we somehow broke our own rule by having this set in a more quiet place, in the countryside. However, what we had in mind was the scholars' opportunity to be a part of the famous Kiev Philharmonic, one of the most popular of the former Soviet Union. The second novelty was also an experiment - that of mixing together Romanian and Ukrainian scholars. We offered scholarships to both Romanian and Ukrainian talented young artists. We have worked arduously, in the old fashion way, for five days. This time we rehearsed the pieces from beginning to end, and on 13th May, although it was work in progress, we had the courage to appear on the stage of the Kiev Philharmonic.

In addition to the above-mentioned concert, there was another concert held by us, the masters, so to speak, and the SoNoRo Festival representatives alongside with the Kiev Philharmonic.

It was basically a preview show of the SoNoRo Kiev Festival taking place in October.

Next, there will be two workshops: the first one in Paltinis, in partnership with the National Bank, and the second one in March 2013, at the Paul Hindemith Foundation residence in Blonay.

Translated by Gianina-Aniela Casleanu
MTTLC graduate, Bucharest University