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Again on the 'George Georgescu' International Contest in Tulcea

Tuesday, 29 May 2012 , ora 9.36
Between 17th to 20th May, 2012, Tulcea was the host of the twentieth anniversary edition of the 'George Georgescu' International Contest .Here we are again with impressions of the protagonists.

Ioana Georgescu Raileanu,
daughter of conductor George Georgescu, who offers the Grand Prize Contest each year:

'George Georgescu' Contest reached its twentieth edition, preserving its original purpose: to honor the memory of your father and indirectly that of your mother who had an emotional connection with this contest. Do you consider that this edition has honored its legacy?

What is most important for a competition is the quality of competitors, and I believe, accordingly to Mr. Serban Dimitrie Soreanu`s words, who is the president of the jury, that there were some valuable artists in the contest, what is a great achievement. And I consider that if Mr. Holender came with his daughter to compete in Tulcea, it really means that this contest has already gained four - five stars! There are 250 competitors this year. And his edition is very special one, because we celebrate 125 years since the birth of my father and everything was very solemn. And the contest is becoming better and better every year. Then my family, I give the grand prize which is for the best of all the best, whatever the instrument may be, and that rewards the talent and the effort of an artist in the making, but also giving an impetus to the search of excellence of a man in the making, which is very important.

What are your thoughts when you come back every year here in Tulcea?

With a tremendous joy! My father died when I was 19 years and everything that the people from Tulcea do is to commemorate and honor him, which stirs to my depths, which make me strongly believe that George Georgescu will live forever.

Pianist Valentin Malanețchi (Chisinau), winner of the Grand Prize of the twentieth edition of the International Contest "George Georgescu"

Valentin Malanețchi, what contests have you competed so far?

I have gone in for many contests, mainly in Romania. Even in the "George Georgescu" from Tulcea. I was here in 2009 and 2010 when I got the Third prize, and then the First prize and now I'm back. I attended 'Carl Filtsch' Contest in Sibiu, in 2010, where I took First prize and other contests.

What does this Grand Prize represent for you?

It is quite unexpected and I am deeply happy. I have dreamt and striven a lot after it.

Whom do you owe this award to? Who are the persons that have been next to you?

This great prize would have been impossible without my mother who has always supported me and has always been next to me and, of course, to my teacher Tatiana Sviridov. She is definitely a great teacher and what I have become and reach, above any one, I owe to her.

Monica Isăcescu
Translated by Alinda-Gabriela Ivanov
MTTLC, Bucharest University