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Interview with pianist Silvia Sbârciu, manager of Transylvania State Philharmonic Orchestra in Cluj-Napoca

Monday, 31 October 2022 , ora 10.34

Cluj Musical Autumn has reached the 55th edition this year. Today the ending concert of this festival takes place. We will learn further details from the manager of Cluj-Napoca Philarmonica, Silvlia Sbârciu.

Miss Silvia Sbârciu, what did this edition of the Festival Cluj Musical Autumn implied, with regard to the cultural events?

It was the 55th edition of Cluj Musical Autumn, the most long-lasting festival of classical music in Romania. This year we tried to bring a diversified program, very vivid. We have had concerts almost every day. The festival attracted a large number of people because we have had a lot of contemporary music concerts, which the audience really enjoyed- pieces written by local composers, but not only that. We have also had symphonic concerts, which brought prestigious conductors and solists on the stage.

This Friday we end the concert which brings together both a very prestigious conductor, Gilbert Varga and a soloist- an epiphany of the violin, Roman Kim, with a program preferred by the wider audience- Violin Concerto No.1 by Paganini and Roman Festivals by Respighi.

It is somehow a double anniversary of both the 'Musical Autumn' festival, as well as the Choir, which celebrates a round age.

I believe that this was a succesful edition, we've enjoyed a fairly wide audience, we tried to bring programs that would be to the taste of a less initiated audience, but also the programs with which the public from Cluj is accustomed and programs that are niche but which have been made extremely attractive and which were very much liked.

Which artists have been this year along the Transylvania State Philharmonic Orchestra, as guests?

Conductors Cristian Mandeal, Felix Mildenberger, Gilbert Varga, violinist Roman Kim, soprano Kele Brigitta, bass-baritone Cristian Hondrea, Simon Trpceski- a fabulous Macedonian pianist that played in the opening concert and a lot of artists from Cluj, that played in the contemporary music concerts: of course our quartets - Quartet Arcadia and The Transylvanian Quartet (the latter belongs to the Transylvania State Philiharmonic Orchestra)- Constantin Sandu and Kira Frolu- the young pianist who won a prize in the 'New Hope' contest, and who was the guest of the Arcadia Quartet, cellist Octavian Lup... It was an intense period. There were concerts, symphonic concerts and vocal-symphonic every day...

All in all, those were the protagonists of the show.

What are the plans for the next edition of the festival?

The next edition will also bring new concerts in unconventional spaces besides the concerts we have become accustomed to; of course, symphonic, vocal-symphonic concerts, recitals, but also small surprises that we will reveal to you at the right time, concerts that will perhaps bring us closer to a larger audience, who do not usually come to the philharmonic or who, following our efforts, will probably focus on what we have to offer. The festival will somewhat keep its format, but with these small inserts that will diversify a little bit the palette that we can offer.

Interview by Norela Liviana Costea
Translated by Georgiana Morozii,
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year I
Corrected by Silvia Petrescu