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'Stradivarius' Tour Ends with Standing Ovations

Monday, 31 May 2010 , ora 10.38

The third edition of the national "Stradivarius" tour, that took place in May 2010, with performances from violinist Alexandru Tomescu and pianist Horia Mihail, has come to an end, on Tuesday, the 25th of May 2010, in the "Mihail Jora" Studio, with applauses from a both enthusiastic and excited public. At the basis of this success stands a "recipe", whose "ingredients" are professionalism and devotion towards a noble cause that has materialized into a fund raising campaign for deaf children in our country.

No rich imagination is needed to discover that the two instruments are like two different, yet complementary, musical "characters": Alexandru Tomescu was responsible for the sharpness and "choleric" virtuosity of the violin, whilst pianist Horia Mihail was given the role of a balanced character. From the lyricism and determination of Bartók's first Rhapsody, the winding "game" in Prokofiev's Sonata in D major, the fiery passion of Saint-Saëns' Havanaise, from the nostalgia of Iberian origins - in Sarasate's Introduction and Tarantella to the sensitivity and courage of Wieniawski's Polonaise in D major - the recital program resembled a "mosaic" of human feelings; also, the beginning of Brahms' Scherzo - mimed and sung - had a great impact on the public.

The permanent swing between the introverted and the extroverted character reminded me of "Dramma giocoso" - the motto written by Mozart at the beginning of Don Giovanni. And, I must admit, that although I have lost count of the encores that Alexandru Tomescu and Horia Mihail have given to the public at the end of the night, I have remained under the powerful message of music for a long period of time: the happiness you bring others becomes your own.

Alexandra Cebuc
Translated by Andra Stroe, Andreea Velicu
MA students, MTTLC, Bucharest University