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The opening night of The Organ Festival’s first edition at Radio Hall

Tuesday, 5 October 2010 , ora 9.31

As a preview of its new season, Radio Romania Music has invited its audience to the first edition of the Organ Evenings international festival, which debuted on October 1st  2010 hosting a recital of Ilse Maria Reich, who has been living in Germany for a long time. She returned to Romania to offer us a work quite unknown –The  Organ Missa by Bach – difficult, complex and demanding, with a particular amplitude. Her experience, performing technique and stylistic understanding, which we knew from her previous numerous performances, had shined again this time, despite a few moments of slight disbalance, making her appear either hesitant or confused during the rigurous performance of the score.

The audience (which I wish it was larger in number) had listened to Bach’s sones which were as always received with great pleasure by the music lovers even if  it was a work of  great volume and slightly monotonous in performance with few contrastive elements, although the performer has interpreted it with different intensity and consistence. In the end, the applauding audience in the room was rewarded with the famous Coral created by the same composer.

Anca Florea
Translated by Țone Monica Cristina and Andreea Velicu
MA students, MTTLC, Bucharest University