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‘Listen for five minutes to classical music’ project – a first impression

Tuesday, 12 October 2010 , ora 12.52

Listen for five minutes to classical music is the title of the most recent project initiated by Radio Romania Music throughout October and which aims at promoting the classical music in unconventional areas – such as malls, hypermarkets, supermarkets and even parks – broadcasting five minutes of classical music daily in the above-mentioned places.

On a Saturday, October 2nd 2010, we have tried to find out what was the effect of this undertaking on the clients of one of the ‘Cora’ shops. This is what we have found out: 

Ruxandra Nedelcu, engineer:

‘In the tumultuous and crazy world we are living, for the last years, I think that a little classical music could bring peace to our souls, to all of us, regardless of age, regardless of occupation. I think that classical music has been lately neglected, although it doesn’t strike the wrong note in relation to the new musical genders, on the contrary, it is above them.’

Mihaela Ciorabu, psychologist:

‘It is a pretty good idea, because generally people need a little relaxation. What can be more enjoyable than going to a park and listening to music, and not only relaxing? I think that it is a good thing for children, too, it is practically a therapy, which is very important for them, especially when they are young. I know it because I have studied psychology and I know these details. It is a very good idea, I know that it will be appreciated by people who have a taste for real music. And probably they are many, but they just have to be reasoned. This is what really matters.’ 

Valentin Obreja, engineer:

‘I welcome the idea of broadcasting classical music everywhere, not only at the radio, because it is better trying to have a counterpoint to the modern music, mostly very aggressive. I think that classical music should occupy a better place than the one it has today. I believe that a segregation of the society takes place in many areas: those who prefer the true cultural manifestation are fewer and they will become more isolated. Now, it is the culture of those who believe that it can be done without training and without talent. I find listening to classical music daily extremely useful, because people cannot appreciate something they do not know. So, if they are going be introduced to classical music, they will get to appreciate it.’

Alexandra Cebuc
Translated by Mihaela Eliza Sora and Andreea Velicu
MA Students, MTTLC, Bucharest Univesity