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Radio Romania Music, a radio station that is very appreciated by The Romanian Music Forum

Wednesday, 23 February 2011 , ora 9.54

The atmosphere at The Comic Opera for Children was excellent. The initial emotions were followed by the joy felt after the prize award. 2010 was, as it could be seen, a very good year from a musical point of view, full of successes and daring projects, materialized by people who demonstrated that nothing was impossible as long as there was enthusiasm and perseverance.

The entertainers of the event were Smaranda Oțeanu-Bunea, president of The Romanian Music Forum, Costin Popa, editor-in-chief of Melos magazine and Prof. Doc. Grigore Constantinescu, president of The 'Mihail Jora' Union of Music Critics.

The station that you are listening to takes pride in several important victories within the ceremony, because Radio Romania Music got several distinctions that honour us: for one thing, Liliana Staicu, editor-in-chief of the station, received the award for her managerial performances.

Liliana Staicu:

'The prize for managerial performances awarded by The Romanian Music Forum represents a prize that is primarily for Radio Romania Music, because this team daily builds-up the station, with a lot of juvenescence, with commitment and enthusiasm, they carry forward a project that I believed in 14 years ago, when I lay the foundations of Radio Romania Music, a station that is today one of the most important ones. That is why I think that this prize belongs more to my colleagues than to me, they are the ones who help me day by day to shape interesting things, to offer our listeners the newest information, live international transmissions, to permanently connect to what is called the Romanian and international cultural life. I think that Radio Romania Music presently represents a voice in the Romanian radiophony.'

The award for the entire career was given to our colleague, Ligia Ardelean, who, after almost 40 years of radiophonic activity declared that the only pride she had, was that of a thing properly done.

Ligia Ardelean:

'It is a prize that honours me firstly because it bears the name of David Ohanesian, whom I admired very much. Secondly, of course, an award for the entire activity means a lot, it means the recognition of a work life and I am grateful to those who tought me music, to those who tought me the profession as an editor that is not easy at all, who tought me in the first place the respect for the listener, for the accurateness of the given information, for the correctness of the expression in the Romanian language. One of the first things I learned when I started at the radio was this rigour: 'If something is said on the radio, it means that it is correct, so it was said on the radio.' This was the norm. I am proud to be part of the generation that also considered important how it was said on the radio, not only what was said on the radio. And of course I am glad that I am still one of the collaborators among the present young comperes; I hope I will be able to keep on producing programmes because it is a very beautiful profession.'

The project 'The Lipatti Days', proposed by Monica Isăcescu and by Ștefan Costache was also awarded, proving that the festivities which marked 60 years from the great pianist's death received not only the appreciation of the audience, but also that of the specialists.

Prof. Dr. Grigore Constantinescu:

'From the perspective of the Union of Music Critics, Editors and Comperes, I had a special satisfaction that two former students of mine, that are today well-known professionals, could imagine such a project that is complex, diverse and attractive for everyone who is interested in the name of the great artist that Dinu Lipatti was. Both Monica Isăcescu and Ștefan Costache frequently listened to on the station Radio Romania Music are at the same time imposing publicists and will also continue to make thenceforth history in the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company.

Petra Gherasim
Translated by Izabella Feher and Elena Daniela Radu
MAstudents, MTTLC, Bucharest University