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Conductor Voicu Popescu and 'Cantica Nova' Choir - concert in Milazzo, Sicily

Wednesday, 6 April 2011 , ora 11.28

On Sunday, the 3rd of April 2011, the choir master of the Radio Children's Choir and of the "Sound" Choir, Voicu Popescu, conducted the "Cantica Nova" Choir in a concert held by "Trifiletti" Theatre from the Italian city of Milazzo. The concert, entitled Amor Sacro e Amor Profano, was included in the Amici della musica Milazzo season. Details regarding this ensemble and also the public's reaction to the concert were offered by Voicu Popescu:

«There was a collaboration with the band "Cantica Nova" from Milazzo, which we met last year at the Ohrid Festival in Macedonia, when the "Sound" Chorus won the Grand Award. This ensemble was also awarded within this Festival for the best rendition of a Renaissance song.

The invitation actually came from the band's conductor, Francesco Saverio Messina. The choir he conducts is somewhat similar to the "Sound"; it has 28 - 30 members, who provided a repertoire of 17 works, covering from Renaissance music to the national repertoire with Sicilian particularities, to contemporary composers. Of course we had the pleasure of presenting a Romanian work for the public to get accustomed to the folk-inspired Romanian music. Practically, we had six rehearsals, after which we went to the "Trifiletti" Theatre, where a public of approximately 250 - 300 choral music lovers took part in the event.

I believe it was a successful moment, because the audience is usually not that large when it comes to this kind of concerts in the area, from what I've been told. But due to both the repertoire and the foreign conductor (a rare thing in the choral world, as choir masters are not that interchangeable), the project proposed by Francesco Saverio Messina made the event awaited for by the public, whom, I believe, left the hall with great satisfaction after a nearly two-hour concert, with an attractive and qualitative repertoire.

Regarding the following collaborations, "Cantica Nova" is not planning on coming to Bucharest. However, conductor Francesco Saverio Messina will be our guest in May, as conductor in the concert on May 14th at the Student's Culture House. There, the "Sound" Chorus will present a diversified program with the same coverage - from Renaissance to contemporary music, including works from the Romanian repertoire.»

Larisa Clempuș
Translated by Dana-Mihaela Toma and Laura Bosnea
MTTLC MA Student, Bucharest University