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Two International Awards for the Preludiu Chamber Choir

Wednesday, 25 July 2012 , ora 7.52
The eleventh edition of the International Choral Festival that took place in Beijing brought to the Preludiu Chamber Choir, two important awards: the gold medal in the Mixed Choirs category and the Excellent Conductor Prize. Voicu Enăchescu, the ensemble's conductor, told us about the experience:

"We got back from Beijing only a couple of days ago, where we took part in an international competition for choral music along with over 100 other choirs, but the organizers wanted to point out that, in the end, only sixty-six choirs from five continents were graded. A nice surprise was, at least for me, the level of the Chinese choirs, which mainly adressed a local repertoire, but can easily and very tastefully interpret universal pieces. We also had the pleasant surprise of finding out that the Preludiu Choral Ensemble from Bucharest had won the gold medal - at least that's what it says on the trophy we received. Moreover, that same jury deemed that the conductor of the Preludiu choir, meaning myself, deserved the award of best conductor."

Ioana Marghita
Translated by Chiriță Daniela
MTTLC, Bucharest University