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Closure of the Campaign Listen to Five minutes of Classical Music at Băneasa Shopping City

Friday, 2 November 2012 , ora 8.42
Ruxandra Nedelcu, engineer: 'In the restless world and crazy life that we are living lately, I think a little classical music would bring some peace to our souls, everyone's, regardless the age, regardless the profession. I think that classical music has been neglected lately, although it is no different from the new musical genres, but on the contrary, it is situated above them.'

Mihaela Ciorabu, psychologist: 'It is a pretty good idea, because people generally need a little recreation. What can be more beautiful than going to a park and listening to music, not only relax? I believe that it is a good thing also for the children, it is practically a therapy that means a lot to them, especially when they are little. I say this because I have studied psychology and I am familiar with these details. It is a very good idea, it will come in handy to people who can appreciate real music. And most likely, there are a lot of people like this, they only need to be motivated. That's what matters most.'

Valentin Obreja, engineer: 'I think the initiative of playing classical music anywhere, not only on the radio, is welcome, because it's good to try to have a counterparty to modern music, a lot of times very aggressive. I think that classical music should have a better place than the one it has right now. I think that there is a segregation of society in many aspects: the ones who prefer real cultural manifestations are fewer and fewer and they will be more and more isolated. The culture of those who think that it can be done without education and without talent is currently being promoted. I find it extremely useful to listen to five minutes of classical music every day, because people cannot appreciate that which they don't know. So, if they are introduced to classical music, they will be able to appreciate it.'

These are just a few of the echoes that the campaign Listen to five minutes of classical music has had in the two years that have passed since its beginning, but also proof that the project is slowly becoming a tradition. Started two years ago, on the 1st of October 2010, at the initiative of Cristina Comandașu - second editor-in-chief of Radio Romania Music, the project proposes the public's vicinity with the world of the classical music, by playing five minutes of classical music a day, during a whole month, in unconventional spaces -hypermarkets, malls, hardware stores, bookstores, schools and museums. Until now the advice addressed by Radio Romania Music, to listen to five minutes of classical music a day, has enjoyed a real success, the campaign reaching already its fifth edition, taking place between October 1st and 31st, ending on Thursday night, in Băneasa Shopping City in Bucharest.

It was not a coincidence that this year's last episode of the Listen to five minutes of classical music project ended on Thursday, November 1st, the same day when the public Radio reaching 84 years of existence.

What surprise has this campaign brought, compared to the precedents? - Cristina Comandașu, second editor-in-chief of Radio Romania Music, knows best: 'The projects occasioned a series of appearances of cellist Răzvan Suma in novel public spaces, where the five minutes of classical music were heard. Răzvan Suma accepted the proposition of interpreting Bach in front of the visitors of the malls from different cities throughout the country - he went to Iași, Cluj-Napoca and Timișoara, and on November 1st, on the Radio's Anniversary, at Băneasa Shopping City, he was present in the final moment of this project hoping that the public who listens to this music interpreted live would come to listen to it in the concert hall as well as on the radio.

The mini-recital that cellist Răzvan Suma, soloist of the Department of Radio Music Bands, offered to the audience present on Thursday night at Băneasa Shopping City in the Capital was part of the agenda of the musician's Do you like Bach? tournament, that reached its second edition. The sum of the solo cello series by Johann Sebastian Bach, are the scores that can be enjoyed on this occasion, until November 7th, when the tournament will reach its closure.

We learned how the collaboration for the Listen to five minutes of classical music project started straight from cellistRăzvan Suma: 'The idea came at the initiative of the campaign's promoter, Cristina Comandașu, who suggested this participation; I accepted and so I appeared in a video broadcasted in buses and trolleys. The public impact was very powerful, because a lot of people could watch that video. For the closure of the Listen to five minutes of classical music campaign we prepared for our visitors at Băneasa Shopping City a series from Bach, but also a relaxed atmosphere, where the pleasure of playing is the most important.'

Alexandra Cebuc
Translated by Alexandra Ilie
MTTLC, Bucharest University