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A book about the pianist Albert Guttman

Saturday, 24 November 2012 , ora 9.41

"It often happens that, when a life ends, what we're left with is a book."

These were the opening words used at the book release hosted by the National University of Bucharest, on the 23rd of October 2012. One of the primary reasons for which this monograph is an important achievement in the domain of Romanian musicology is the fact that the volume is dedicated to the life and activity of Albert Guttman - a marvellous pianist, an extraordinary artist and a remarkable man. Another important reason would be the fact that the book release marks the beginning of Adreea Chiselev's career as a musicologist. The young graduate is also part of the Radio Romania Music team.

The book

..... appeared under the aegis of the Music Publishing Company rebuilds the musical and pedagogical career of Albert Guttman, who passed away five years ago, on February 28th. The project was based on a diploma paper that was furthermore explored for some years under the guidance of Professor Dr. Valentina Sandu Dediuand with the participation of Guttman's family members.

The brilliant career

.... of the pianist who collaborated over the time with important music figures of our country- Radu Aldulescu, Ion Voicu, Lola Bobescu and Elena Cernei - is less known today in Romania. Albert Guttmanleft our country in 1980, continuing his activity as an interpreter and teacher in Switzerland.

Prof. dr. Valentina Sandu Dediu closely supervised the making of this book: "It was a diploma paper project, which, in accordance with the Guttmans' idea, and after consulting with Dan Dediu, I offered to Andreea Chiselev, at that time a 4th year student at the musicology section and Andreea was very excited. She not only has the quality of being hard-working, very efficient, intelligent and organised, but she also knows how to make things integrate with enthusiasm, I'm really happy for her, I remember how exciting it is to see your first book published. I don't think there can be a bigger joy for a young musicologist and I think this is what Andreea is feeling now."

Guttman's son, Mihnea Guttman, was also present at the book release: "The best way to remember his personality is by reading this book, which is what I recommend that all the listeners do".

The book will be available at the bookshops in the centre of the town.

What do you wish to the young author?

A successful career. She truly deserves it."

The book dedicated to Albert Guttman is based entirely on original documents, placed at the author's disposal by his family, but also on the memories of some students, colleagues or scene partners of the musician that were interviewed by Andreea Chiselev. According to the author, working at this book was a novel experience, that of discovering a man and an artist by going through old papers, auditorium programmes and chronicles that were already filled with the dust and, unfortunately, with the obliteration that the passing of time usually brings. It's a good opportunity to congratulate our colleague and to wish her good luck and a successful career in the world of musicology, a member of which she now officially is.
Alexandra Cebuc
Translated by Marcela Zorland and Andreea Mesescu and Oana Maria Puiu
MTTLC - Bucharest University