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New Projects of the 'Lanto Arte' Cultural Association

Monday, 26 November 2012 , ora 8.59
The activities of the "Lanto Arte" Cultural Association are announced to be numerous over the next period of time. Therefore, on Thursday, 22nd November, a press conference was organized in order to present the next concert - December Music Flavours - which will be held at the Romanian Athenaeum on 4th December, as well as the newly born "Lanto Arte Orchestra".

The orchestra is made up of young musicians who have initially grouped together of their own free will as the Camerata Isedici, willing to perfect themselves and play music at a highly professional level.

Elena Vernescu, the president of the "Lanto Arte" Cultural Association, has offered us more information about this ensemble:

"We're living a very happy moment, we have accomplished a dream we've been having for many years now, that of creating our own orchestra. The ensemble will be flexible, that is, the Lanto Arte Orchestra will represent both the extended and the condensed formulas, namely the Lanto Arte Camerata. We will continue to carry out the December Music Flavours and the Spring Music Flavours projects - two collections of musical delights - and next year, we'll have an extremely busy activity: Lanto Arte will offer many concerts to the Bucharest audience."

Who are the young musicians in the Lanto Arte Orchestra?

"They are already experienced musicians, with whom we've been collaborating for many years now, members of the Romanian Youth Orchestra or some of them, employees of the Romanian National Opera, the National Radio Orchestra or the "George Enescu" Philharmonic Orchestra. The ensemble has been established on truly natural principles, such as empathy, sympathy, compatibility and the pleasure of working together. This is important, because it leads to an exceptional state of mind, and every time they meet at the rehearsals, I can tell you that the atmosphere is fabulous."

Tiberiu Soare's presence has also concurred to the atmosphere.

Of course, Tiberiu Soare's presence has brought extra value and enthusiasmto the one that the young artists already had.

Tiberiu Soare will conduct the fifth edition of the December Music Flavours concert at the Romanian Athenaeum on 4th December,, when the Lanto Arte Orchestra will make its debut. The programme is marked by jazz influences materialized in George Gershwin's work Rhapsody in Blue, with Antonis Anissegos as a soloist, but also in Sabin Păutza's Concerto for Saxophone and Orchestra, in which the piano part will be interpreted by the composer himself. During the second half of the evening, the protagonists will be soprano Rodica Vică and baritone Șerban Vasile.

Tiberiu Soare, on the invitation to prepare and conduct the Lanto Arte Orchestra:

"I've gladly accepted the invitation; I've known Monica Bălășoiu for such a long time, she had initiated the Camerata Isedici project. This has been the nucleus of the idea of creating an autonomous orchestra, namely Lanto Arte. Obviously, I've also met Elena Vernescu after and things have started to develop, as it usually happens when it comes to quality things. I'm very glad that I've been invited to conduct this concert on 4th December under the dome of the Romanian Athenaeum, especially because it comprises the maestro's Sabin Păutza's work. We know each other personally and the coincidence is that now I've also met Nicolas Simion and I am delighted that we'll make music together. It's going to be a great evening, I'm sure about that.

Andreea Chiselev
Translated by Mădălina-Elena Marin and Elena Daniela Radu
MTTLC, Bucharest University