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'Chopin in love' - an unusual exhibition

Friday, 2 March 2012 , ora 9.33

On March 1st 2011we celebrated 201 years since the birth of Frédéric Chopin. Therefore, it is not random the fact that a press conference dedicated to an unusual exhibition called 'Chopin in love' was held at the Romanian Peasant Club.

Organized by the Polish Institute in Bucharest and the Warsaw National Museum of Ethnography in collaboration with The Romanian Peasant Museum, the exhibition presents the link between the traditional Polish music and Chopin's works; it also presents objects and instruments specific to the Polish tradition - such as the dulcimer, the bass and the bagpipes - used today in the folklore of Chopin's country. An important part of the exhibition is dedicated to the phonograms presenting the musical portrait of the artists from the central region of Poland - records belonging to the archives of the Art Institute from the Polish Academy of Science. These records are from the interwar period but also from the 50s.

The conference participants were: Virgil ªtefan Niþulescu - the director of the Romanian Peasant Museum, the director of the Polish Institute in Bucharest, Maja Wawrzyk and dr. Adam Czyzewski, the director of the Warsaw National Museum of Ethnography.

It seems that Chopin was not inspired only by the traditional Polish music but also by the sound of some more exotic instruments like santoor, kemenche, sarangi, instruments that can be seen during the 'Chopin in love' exhibition.

The official opening was on March 1st in the Foyer Hall of the Romanian Peasant Museum and was afterwards followed by Janusz Prusinowski Trio's concert - an avant-garde band that is inspired by the Polish traditional culture.

The 'Chopin in love' exhibition will be opened until April 1st with a free access for those interested.

Alexandra Cebuc
Translated by Oana Marina Siliºte
MTTLC, Bucharest University