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Religious Choral Concert - 'Lord's Prayer' at the Radio Hall

Monday, 26 March 2012 , ora 10.44
Two weeks before Easter, the Academic Radio Chorus and the conductor Dan Mihai Goia are inviting you to the Radio Hall, on Thursday, 29 March, 2012, at 19.00, to a concert based on prayer aspects and religious feeling. There will be a presentation of 13 versions of the Lord's Prayer, native alternatives, but from the universal repertoire as well, in a concert of prayer, peace and hope in Good and Noble, in which the choral ensemble will have as guests organ-player Simona Popovici and pianists Carmen Săndulescu and Dan Stoenescu. We can find in the programme choral works composed by Anton Pann - Dan Mihai Goia, Gottfried August Homilius, Eusebie Mandicevski, Giuseppe Verdi, Ciprian Porumbescu, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Ioana Ghica, Hermes Coelho, Frédéric Monnin, Dragoș Alexandrescu, Douglas Brooks-Davies, Irina Odăgescu-Țuțuianu.

Tickets can be bought through Eventim, at the Radio Hall booking office, Germanos and Vodafone stores, Cărturești and Humanitas bookshops and online on www.eventim.ro.

The Academic Radio Chorus - an exceptional choral ensemble

Founded in 1940 under the guidance of Ion Croitoru, the Academic Radio Chorus became established in a short period as an elite formation, being led - over the years - by Dumitru D. Botez, Gheorghe Danga, Dumitru D. Stancu, Constantin Petrovici, Emanoil Elenescu, Alexandru Șumski, Carol Litvin, Aurel Grigoraș and - in the present - the music desk is taken by Dan Mihai Goia.

Numerous Romanian composers wrote works for this valuable formation which presented them in absolute first hearing and recorded them as well. This choral ensemble proved its quality through works from the Romanian and universal musical literature, through the vast lyrical repertoire presented on stage, approaching an impressive number of works from all the musical genres, from miniature to choral poem, from mass and oratorio to opera, cantata or symphony. Thousands of minutes of special recordings, a cappella and vocal-symphonic concerts, TV shows determined the repertoire diversification as well as the concert affirmation at unique value rates.

The orchestras' interpretative versions in collaboration with the Academic Radio Chorus rejoices in eulogistic opinions from the music lover public, as well as from the specialized criticism, often becoming pages of anthology in the Romanian musical life. The Academic Radio Chorus toured in Germany, Bulgaria, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Israel etc., often collaborating with renowned orchestras under prestigious batons from the country and abroad (Horia Andreescu, Ludovic Bács, Ovidiu Bălan, Sergiu Comissiona, Iosif Conta, Corneliu Dumbrăveanu, Ilarion Ionescu-Galați, Enrique Garcia Asensio, Cyril Diederich, Gudni Emilssohn, Vaktang Jordania, James Levine, Igor Markevitch, Zubin Mehta, Milen Nachev, Sakari Oramo, Neil Thompson, Jin Wang and others).

In 1996, the Academic Radio Chorus received the Music Critics Union from Romania Prize. Taking over the native choralists' illustrious tradition, the ensemble is in the present the most important and most valuable formation of this kind in Romania, writing in capital letters the history of a repertoire which assured the value and appreciation of the Romanian interpretative art throughout the world.

A conductor who honourably completes the list of his predecessors

Dan Mihai Goia has been the conductor of the Academic Radio Chorus since 2000. With this choral ensemble considered as a standard by the specialized criticism, Dan Mihai Goia has participated to over 200 vocal-symphonic and a cappella concerts. Much of his conducting and the recordings made for the Radio record library included the Romanian composers' works - from the classical to the contemporary repertoire - but works from the universal choral creation as well. In 2009, Dan Mihai Goia received for his vast activity the Union of Composers and Musicologists from Romania Prize for conductorial-choral interpretation. The year 2010 marked for conductor Dan Mihai Goia an imposing achievement, namely the launching of the compact-disk with Vespers, opus 37 by Sergei Rachmaninoff, for which he collaborated with soloists Gabriela Popescu and Călin Brătescu alongside the Academic Radio Chorus and the Orthodox Male Choral ʻTe Deum Laudamusʼ.

Translated by Dobrin Irina
MTTLC, Bucharest University