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'The Travelling Piano' Tour - after the First Day

Tuesday, 22 May 2012 , ora 9.20

"We have the great pleasure of listening to a pianist who has solidified his reputation as a world class interpreter."

"It was wonderful to be able to listen to him... "

This is how Horia Mihail was welcomed Monday, 21st May, 2012, in Traube Hall in the town of Mediaș.

"It was excellent. I have looked forward to seeing him on stage since I was a child, because he was one of the prize-winners of the Romanian music schools at that time."

One of the young prize-winners then - one of the best Romanian piano players now - Horia Mihail and his best friend, the travelling piano, have not met for a year. Their encounter was very touching for the piano player even more as he was not expecting us to welcome him so enthusiastically.

"Exactly a year and a month ago, on 21st April last year - I was saying good bye to the travelling piano which I have found in the same perfect condition as last year. I was impressed with the fact that, in spite of the less favourable weather for giving the concert - Monday, on the "Feast of the Holy Great Sovereigns Constantine and Helen, Equal to the Apostles" - the public was numerous and incredibly warm."

"The fact that the main aim of this project has been accomplished might be the source of their enthusiasm and warmth." - this is what the inhabitants of Mediaș, who attended the concert, were saying. Their town's musical life has been freshly revived by the presence of this piano.

A dedicated spectator of our pianist: "It is undoubtedly a plus, a magnet, as I would call it, that has enriched the cultural life of our town. People were really willing to attend the concert, and the most beautiful thing was that there was a great number of young spectators attending. There are many children who have started taking piano lessons, which is fabulous. I am happy and enthusiastic about the fact that a year after the travelling piano was invited to Mediaș, Horia Mihail has come here again and he starts his national tour in Mediaș. "

How was the presence of this piano here, in Medias, felt? Did it make any difference over the last year?

"It was extremely good for the town, for those who had the chance to play and for those who had the chance to attend these concerts. We rarely attend similar events, I can say; and as far as I could understand, the piano will be here two more years. It gives us great happiness to be able to keep the piano here and we hope to enjoy fully all the upcoming concerts of the travelling piano."

Wednesday, 22nd May, Horia Mihail and the travelling piano will give a concert at the Armenian Church in Dumbrăveni, where they also gave a performance last year and where the high numbers of music lovers attending - the space in the church not being wide enough to accommodate all of them - had to listen to the concert while standing on the front stairs.

Adina Dragomir - Radio Romania Culture
Translated by Elena Daniela Radu
MTTLC, Bucharest University