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Because Objects Talk - Street Delivery, BeWhere Stand

Thursday, 14 June 2012 , ora 9.46
Saturday, 16th June, 10.30 - 12.30, Arthur Verona Street

If you are parent and your child is aged 4-10, if you love objects and you believe that they can tell stories, read on…

If you have an old and/or valuable object at home that you want us to see and tell us its story, or if you have a collection and you want to tell us about it, bring a collectable item to the BeWhere Stand at Street Delivery, on the Arthur Verona Street, where the For Art's Sake Association are waiting to hear the story of the object you have chosen. Moreover, after the event, we will organize an Exhibition with valuable objects on the Facebook page of the BeWhere magazine and of the For Art's Sake Association.

I am sure your objects will be able to tell us:

 If they are old: who they have belonged to, what they have been used for, how they have ended up in your hands, what the initial owner was like, which of its features help it tell the story of the person who has bought it etc.

 If they are a part of your own collections: why you collect such objects, where you got it from, what you like about it, if you could give it to someone else etc.

We tell the story of these objects in order to better understand museums and to look for beautiful stories there, based on real characters full of passion and having real interests. And because such stories reappear in each object we might collect or keep.

We are waiting for you to talk about objects and about ourselves!

Translated by Mihaela Melneciuc
MTTLC, Bucharest University