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HANG Around - Audio-Visual Interference to the Sounds of HANG

Tuesday, 12 June 2012 , ora 10.32
The 'HANG around' project organized by UMA ED Romania, the Association for Audio-Visual Education and Communication through Art, was held between the 1stand 10thJune at the "Ion Dacian" National Operetta Theatre. It was a workshop attended by 20 young people who explored the possibilities of sound interacting with image, through percussion, hang - a new musical instrument of our century and new media; part of the percussion instruments and visual materials were created during the workshop, which I had the opportunity to attend on 8thJune.

The French percussionist and composer Francesco Agnello had this to say about the musical activities he coordinated at "HAND Around"

"It is a project full of passion, because of various reasons: the first is all the kids' energy, a very positive energy, and then all their concentration. Each passing day brings new results. Because the purpose for all the work lies not only in making a show, but also in the children's attendance in order to gain a bit of confidence and harmony for their inner hearing. But above all, it lies in play - through which we eliminate difficulties and problems. The teaching part is very important to me and I am very, very pleased when I notice the evolution of the participants."

The young participants were genuinely full of energy and willing to create new rhythms and sounds together with their colleagues. But I had better let them describe the experiences they attended those days:

"This week has been very interesting; we learned different rhythms, but also to trust ourselves. We have high hope about what will happen on Sunday." (Sasha, 12)

"I liked that our teacher taught us to coordinate and wait our turn and taught us the rhythm we had never heard about." (Thomas, 12)

"Before Francisco came, they showed us different games, which helped us have more confidence in ourselves. Them Francesco came; I knew about hang from the Internet and I was very happy when he let us play this instrument, which sounds really great." (Thomas, 14)

"I liked playing on various rhythms and we had fun with all the different games. I liked it a lot and I have high hopes for what's next." (Barbu, 12)

The show which ended the "HANG around" workshop - held by the participants - took place on Sunday, 10thJune, in the foyer of the "Ion Dacian" National Operetta Theatre.

Andreea Chiselev
Translated by Ioana Ristulescu
MTTLC, Bucharest University