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The End of the Leonardo Festival in Galati

Tuesday, 5 June 2012 , ora 9.21
The 9th edition of the " Leonardo" International Music Festival at the Music Theatre of Galati concluded with "Carmen" which in spite of not being a recent composition drew an impressive audience in the hall, many very enthusiastic spectators who followed the main roles of Iulia Merca and Sorin Lupu in Escamillo, and that of the Bulgar Michael Puiev, under the baton of Gheorghe Stanciu together with the soloists and the ensemble of the hosting theatre.

By and large, it was a great show. Iulia Merca performed her role well, although I honestly preferred her in Fenena which I audited in Cluj, and Sorin Lupu debuted as Don Jose and had many vocal difficulties. But all in all, it was a good show that received many ovations from the spectators. In general, the entire show came across a bit slow, it didn't have that stamina I was hoping for in a composition with Spanish influences, but the fest ended in force, to the delight of everyone who took part and are already looking forward to a new edition of the fest, the Xth one, which will hopefully be just as special.

For the first time, Leontina Vaduva served as honorary president and it has yet to be seen whether she will serve in the future editions or there will be a different worldwide Romanian musician every year holding the office.

Anca Florea
Translated by Vlad Nichita
MTTLC, Bucharest University