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Francophony Gala at the Radio Hall

Thursday, 14 March 2013 , ora 7.59
The existence of a beautiful cultural connection between Romania and France, which has always marked a Francophone and Francophile tradition in the modern history, is celebrated this year in a special way, on its 20th anniversary since the accession of our country to the institutional Francophony (initially, the Intergovernmental Agency of la Francophony, in 1998 turned into the International Organization of Francophony- IOF ). And since this French-Romanian friendship has often manifested itself in the artistic area, the Radio Hall will celebrate this anniversary through the Francophony Gala, a concert-event held by the National Radio Orchestra on Thursday, 21st March, 19:00.

Two important Romanian names are connected with this event: Tiberiu Soare, principal conductor of the National Radio Orchestra and the violinist Gabriel Croitoru, whose career includes more than a thousand performances in the country and abroad, next to other famous conductors. Gabriel Croitoru will perform on one of the 'jewel' violins belonging to the international patrimony: Guarneri del Gesu, dated back to 1731, on which George Enescu himself performed, as well.

The evening's programme - planned to highlight the connections between the Romanian and French musical creations - brings together two important works: the first one by the French composer Édouard Lalo - Symphonie Espagnole for Violin and Orchestra in D minor, and the second one composed by George Enescu, Symphony No. 1 in E-flat major.

The connection between the violinist Gabriel Croitoru and Lalo's Symphonie Espagnole is a special one. Lalo dedicated his work to one of the great violinists of all times: the Spanish Pablo Sarasate. Among the international awards received by Gabriel Croitoru, there is also the First Prize at the Pablo Sarasate International Violin Contest (Spain-1991), where he also received the Award for the Best Interpretation of a Work by Pablo Sarasate. Gabriel Croitoru recorded the Integral of the Works for Violin and Orchestra by Pablo Sarasate, which is considered a world premiere.

Entitled Enescian Epic, Symphony No. 1 by George Enescu, performed for the first time in Paris, in 1906, remained his most known score apart from his two Romanian Rhapsodies, performed all over the world.

For further information regarding the 2012-2013 season of Radio Orchestras and Choirs, please refer to the website: orchestre.srr.ro.

Translated by Andreea Mesescu and Elena Daniela Radu
MTTLC, Bucharest University