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The Famous Pianist Valentin Gheorghiu Turns 85

Wednesday, 13 March 2013 , ora 10.52

A true living legend of the Romanian interpretative art, the pianist Valentin Gheorghiu turns 85 on 21st March, a venerable age that he chose to celebrate together with his listeners, at the launching of one of his latest CDs - Duo - Roxana and Valentin Gheorghiu, released by the Casa Radio Publishing House and promoted by Radio Romania Music.

The only Romanian radio station dedicated to classical music, Radio Romania Music also proposes a Valentin Gheorghiu week on the frequencies 97.6 and 104.8 FM: between 18th and 21st March, every day, starting with 13:20, one can listen to three CDs-first auditions and a special programme dedicated to the great pianist.

Valentin Gheorghiu will be at the Humanitas Kretzulescu Bookshop in Bucharest (45, Calea Victoriei) on Wednesday, 20th March, at 18:00, to launch the CD Duo which includes works by Mozart, Schubert, Brahms, Rachmaninoff, Debussy and Poulenc, recorded with his wife, the pianist Roxana Gheorghiu, and the National Radio Orchestra, conducted by Alain Paris and Mihai Agafița. The CD participates in Radio Romania Music's campaign - Vote the classical music CD, which takes place on the website www.romania-muzical.ro and can be purchased in the specialized stores, but also on www.edituracasaradio.ro.

Important personalities of the Romanian musical world will participate in the event: the conductor Horia Andreescu, the violinist Marin Cazacu, the musicologist Grigore Constantinescu and some of the editors of Radio Romania Music: Liliana Staicu - editor-in-chief, Anca Andriescu and Monica Cengher.

The CD Duo, launched on 20th March, can be listened on the same day, starting with 13:20, in Simona Dumitriu's programme Interpreters of Yesterday and of Today. Moreover, on 18th and 19th March, the same programme also proposes a first audition of two other CDs recorded by the pianist Valentin Gheorghiu and recently released by Electrecord.

And on the pianist's birthday, 21st March, Radio Romania Music broadcasts between 1:20 and 16:00, a special programme, including the most important recordings made by Valentin Gheorghiu over his long and fruitful career, as well as his own testimonies and those of other musicians he collaborated with. The programme is signed by Anca Andriescu and can be listened again on www.romania-muzical.ro.

Born in Galați, on 21st March, 1928, Valentin Gheorghiu is considered one of the most important Romanian pianists of the 20th century. Studying in Bucharest and Paris, he also enjoyed George Enescu's training; Enescu saw in him one of the greatest talents of Romania. Valentin Gheorghiu is also known as a composer and his works were granted important awards. The pianist made his debut at 15, in a concert at the Romanian Athenaeum, under the baton of the legendary conductor George Georgescu: the starting point of a career that will carry him to great stages next to famous artists. Incredibly modest, Valentin Gheorghiu represents the model of the artist for whom the act of creation is the essential aim of his existence. Although at a venerable age, Valentin Gheorghiu continues to give concerts, especially with his wife, the pianist Roxana Gheorghiu, but also with the violinist Gabriel Croitoru.

Duo - Roxana and Valentin Gheorghiu: Mozart, Schubert, Brahms, Rachmaninoff, Debussy, Poulenc
With a presentation by Professor Grigore Constantinescu
Graphics: Daniel Ivașcu
CD: 72'22''
Collection 'Interpretative profile'
Price: RON 13

Mihaela Olinescu and Elena Daniela Radu
MTTLC, Bucharest University