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The Travelling Piano and Horia Mihail in Cluj

Monday, 8 April 2013 , ora 8.12
The hall at the 'Gheorghe Dima' Music Academy was full and some of the spectators were standing or sitting on the stairs. Unfortunately, not wanting to miss the Beethoven recital with such well-known sonatas, many of those in the audience brought their children along - some of them too young to understand they needed to sit still and keep quiet. I admit that there were times when I felt ashamed for all the swarming in the hall, since I had never before seen such rural squirming in Cluj, especially at the Academy.

Thus, the rather restricted programme stirred great reactions, because people love to hear famous works. Horia Mihail was excellent, showing great power of focus. I think some of the children could have gone on stage and still he would not have noticed them!

When I spoke to a few spectators in the end, I felt they were deeply impressed.

'This gave me immense joy and I felt it a few times. It was a very special joy. It's a shame our audience lacks manners.'

'It was very beautiful, but we expected it to be so! Basically, they delivered what we expected, it was a special concert. We know Beethoven and we like his music…'

'Extraordinary! It's the second or third time I've seen it. It's a real delight. I'm excited about tonight. He has great talent, I feel like he is Beethoven incarnate - fantastic! I'm very sorry it's over.'

It is wonderful that The Travelling Piano Tour is becoming a tradition, because there is a lot of joy brought by this idea - from the satisfaction of what you hear, to the pride that people are listening to a concert piano, an instrument, they have never seen or heard before.

Mugurel Scutăreanu
Translated by Irina Borțoi and Elena Daniela Radu
MTTLC, Bucharest University