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A Musical Voyage through Inter-war Bucharest at the Radio Hall

Friday, 12 April 2013 , ora 9.30

Spirit Brass Ensemble invites you to the Radio Hall in Bucharest, on Thursday, April 18th, at 19:00, to embark on a voyage with two "stops": the first one dedicated to Romanian traditional music, from Ciprian Porumbescu's "Nightingale" to the "Ballad", and the second "stop" will carry you into the charming atmosphere of the inter-war music. These two points merge into a novel recital with musical pieces performed through the specific sound of the brass musical instruments.

Lead by the conductor Mihai Ceascai, tuba solo in the National Radio Orchestra, Spirit Brass Ensemble, made out of members from other Radio Orchestras, offers a beautiful sound combination using only brass instruments, sometimes accompanied by percussion instruments, as well. Spirit Brass Ensemblehas performed in Bucharest and many other cities around the country, with a wide repertoire which includes pieces from baroque and renaissance music to movie soundtracks; from pages of the classic-romantic symphonic repertoire to traditional melodies and from carols to the inter-war music. The ensemble wants to promote a "brass choir" or "brass band" type of repertoire, which is less known in Romania, but it is very popular in Europe and in the United States.

Suggestively called Pages from the Grandparents' Album, the recital dedicated by the Spirit Brass Ensembleto music lovers, includes Romanian traditional music pieces (folk or cultured), like Ciprian Porumbescu's Nightingale, Ballad, performed by the tuba soloist Daniel Mureșan - which is an extraordinary premiere in this instrumental version; Folk Danceinterpreted by the trombone soloist, Constantin Dumitrescu, Călușulplayed by Alexandru Moraru and others. Along with these beautiful musical pieces, famous pages of inter-war music, like Hai să-ți arăt Bucureștiul noaptea..., will be performed at the Radio Hall in the recital on April 18th.

For other information related to the 2012-2013 season of the Radio Orchestras and Choirs, please refer to the website orchestreradio.ro or orchestreradio.com.

Translated by Roxana Țicămucă and Elena Daniela Radu
MTTLC, Bucharest University