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The Travelling Piano in Tulcea

Monday, 29 April 2013 , ora 9.25
After travelling over 4,000 km, reaching 15 cities in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, having around 8,500 spectators and millions of virtual listeners thanks to radio, TV or Internet broadcasts, as well as countless minutes of applause, the third Travelling Piano reached Tulcea, its final destination. After the recital on 27th April, 2013, the piano will be hosted by the 'Jean Bart' Theatre for the next 3 years, offered to the local community by Radio Romania.

'A cold wind is blowing from the Black Sea. We're in Tulcea. The 3rd edition of the Travelling Piano came to an end in a place that I have just discovered.' Horia Mihail is serenely giving the last interview on the 3rd Travelling Piano Tour. The concert is over. The tour is over. The audience in Tulcea thanked him and gave him a standing ovation. From the walkway of the Jean Bart Theatre, where the piano will remain, the pianist is already thinking about the future, with his trademark detachment:

'I'm almost convinced that this third travelling piano will be used by the community, the guests - artists from Romania or from abroad, local artists, as well as by the young people studying at the Music High School, for the good of people in general and of the people here in particular, because this is basically what we wanted to do and we succeeded.'

The plan was to educate through culture, to make classical music as accessible to as many people in as many places throughout the country as possible.

The people in Tulcea will remember a Beethoven concert played by Horia Mihail.

'He has an extraordinary, a fantastic vibration and thrilling emotion.'

And a real piano, as many of them said.

'It's food for thought, for the people here, but not only for us, for those in the area and for people in general, it makes us want to cultivate ourselves.'

'It's very encouraging and refreshing for us, in a city that actually has a taste for music.'

'We are happy to have a real instrument here.'

'We have the chance to have such concerts again and to be prepared to receive them happily and to know how to honour them.'

'I think it's good for a small town like Tulcea and I'm really glad I came to see Horia again.'

The series of music tours organised by Radio Romania Culture, which involve pianist Horia Mihail, has not stopped here. The following are The Golden Flute, the Duelling Violins and 'George Enescu's Violin Travelling to Rural Areas' . Stay with us!

Adina Dragomir
Translated by Irina Borțoi and Elena Daniela Radu
MTTLC, Bucharest University