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Concert Dedicated to Monarchy Day at the Radio Hall

Monday, 13 May 2013 , ora 9.23
A truly special musical evening started with the Royal Anthem, composed by Eduard Hübsch, on Saturday, 11th May, 2013, in the 'Mihail Jora' Studio of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company, with the occasion of Monarchy Day, celebrated on 10th May. The large audience in the concert hall proved that the Royal Family is still esteemed in our country; it was represented by Their Royal Highnesses Crown Princess Margareta, Prince Radu and Prince Nicolae. Maestro Christian Badea conducted the Radio National Orchestra, featuring violinist Mihaela Martin and cellist Frans Helmerson as soloists, two other top musicians who stood out on stage playing Johannes Brahms' Concerto for violin, cello and orchestra.

The expressivity of her tone colour and the varied shades that give quality to the dramatic character of Brahms' concerto were complemented by the famous Symphony No. 9 - 'From the New World' by Antonin Dvorák, an opus played in a free, almost playful manner, which showed the joy of living and of making music. Certainly, all of these were thanks to conductor Christian Badea, who managed to convey both melancholy and sobriety, both gushing energy and good humour, without using excessive gestures. In the same context, the English version of the volume entitled 'At your service at all times…', which includes radio messages and interviews of His Majesty King Michael I of Romania. His Royal Highness spoke at the release event, as well as Ovidiu Miculescu, president-general manager of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company, which celebrates 85 years of existence and will be awarded the 'Nihil Sine Deo' decoration by the Royal House on Sunday, 12th May, at the Elisabeta Palace.

His Royal Highness, Prince Radu of Romania: 'The Radio and the Crown have served together a few values, and one of them is quality. The Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company and the Royal House have several occasions to appear together these two days. We will meet these days to award the 'Nihil Sine Deo' decoration to the institution on behalf of His Majesty, now that the Radio celebrates 85 years of existence, as well as to host a dinner party for the most important representatives of the Radio at the Elisabeta Palace.'

Ovidiu Miculescu, president-general manager of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company: 'There have been a lot of times that His Majesty was here with Radio Romania, in the publications edited by the Radio at that time. Radio Romania will remain with the Royal House and we will always be extremely careful and respectful towards King Michael, His Majesty, now, when people are busy doing other things.'

Alexandra Cebuc
Translated by Irina Borțoi and Elena Daniela Radu
MTTLC, The University of Bucharest