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The National Radio Theatre - an ABU Prizes 2013 finalist

Thursday, 26 September 2013 , ora 8.05
The ABU Prizes 2013 finalists have been announced. ABU is the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union. The international jury has selected four finalists from the productions submitted to the Drama section: Lullaby Jock, Radio New Zeeland (RNZ), A Happy Death, Radio Japan (NHK), Sarula's Home, China Radio (RTPRC / CNR) and Suzana, Radio Romania (ROR).

Suzana, a production of the Radio Theatre Department of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Corporation, was produced with Ilinca Stihi's scenario, and was inspired by Werner Herzog under the art direction of Ilinca Stihi.

The radio performance develops, in an unconventional way, the inner universe of an individual rejected by society. A prisoner is released. Out there the world seems numb. The deserted road seems to lead to the city, to life, to a new beginning. The prisoner sets out accompanied by his imaginary lover, Suzana, a girl from some smutty magazines, who comforted his detention years from the picture above the bed. Gradually, Suzana acquires her personality and life and she becomes his guide on the road of memories and imaginary projections. It is a night road framed by the German poet's lyrics Novalis which Suzana herself is discovering with interest. It is a road towards the self, enlightened and detailed by excerpts from Novalis' unfinished novel, Heinrich von Ofterdingen. After all, it is a journey which becomes eternal through death.

The main interpreter, Andi Vasluianu, made a dramatic performance passing from the politically engaged speech to the poetic word suspended between dream and reality, with the speed of a movie cut.

Beside him, Mădălina Ghițescu in Suzana's part, Tania Popa, Orodel Olaru, Ioana Sihota and the others are naturally revolving in the intimate space the play is suggesting. Novalis' world is remembered through the quotations in German uttered by Axel Moustache and Roxana Lepedat and it subtly interweaves with the intense atmosphere in Werner Herzog' movies.

The braiding sounds created by Mihnea Chelaru's sound design and Mădălin Cristescu's music direction, produced and accomplished a show after the specific structure of a spiral shell. Studio direction is signed by Milica Creiniceanu.

The performance Suzana was awarded the UNITER Prize, the Bronze Medal at the New York International Festival and the 3rd position at Prix Marulic Radio Festival in Croatia.

The ABU 2013 Prizes winner will be announced on 24th October in Hanoi.

Translated by Eugenia-Daniela Lupașcu and Elena Daniela Radu
MTTLC, The University of Bucharest