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A Succcessful Duel

Monday, 7 October 2013 , ora 11.26
The third edition of 'The Duel of the Violins' drew an extremely large audience at the Radio Hall, invading the stage and standing to listen again to Gabriel Croitoru and Liviu Prunaru's interpretation, in the company of pianist Horia Mihail, an accessible repertoire, diverse and perhaps less encountered in current recitals,appealingto boththe technical virtuosityandthe sensitivityof the performers. The programme structurewas designedso thatin the first part, the 'duel' actuallyconsisted ofthe successivedevelopmentof the twosoloists, the public (re)discovering them inpagesthat require robustnessanddelicacyof sound, spectacular or introspective progresses, emphasizing significantly the personality of each, with data that approach or distinguish them under artistic aspect. Gabriel Croitoru chose works by Tchaikovsky, Sarasate, Saint-Saëns - Ysaÿe, but also a charming adaptation for violin and piano of the famous Skylarkby Dinicu, which created a special effect, while Liviu Prunaru preferred opuses by Paganini, de Falla - Kreisler, Wagner or Wieniawski, having the melodious line as common denominator, the elegance of refined expressiveness. And after the intermission, face to face, they 'confronted' in Grad Duo Concertantno. 3 for two violins by Bériot, then in Serenadeno. 2 op. 92 by Sinding, which was on the discreet support of the piano, pointing outthe manner in whichtheycombinetheir sound and their stylistic-interpretive view of the works, proving, besides the rigour and natural performance of international soloists, an easiness, a simplicity of expression, far from any intention of astounding or amazing the audience, the warmth, humour and charisma that characterizes them also having an influence on their impeccable collaboration. Because the 'duel' was in fact a meeting between two good friends who perform with an undisguised pleasure, 'playing' seriously, to the delightof those whoapplaudedenthusiastically (…even after each work…), the two encores fullyconfirming theplayfuljoyofmasters whomakemusicin the truestsense of the phrase. Perhapstiredfromthe tourthat includeddailyconcerts in Brașov, Tg. Mureș, Turda, Craiova, Pitești, Iași and, Bacău, but always enthusiastic and professional, they offered us a celebration of great music fit for a king, in Bucharest, as well, crowninga request that, surely, would also be resumed next season, because the public would be eager to listen again to the sound of the two violins, Guarneri del Gesù vs. Stradivarius…

Anca Florea
Translated by Ioana-Alexandra Dumitrescu and Elena Daniela Radu
MTTLC, The University of Bucharest