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The Anton Pann Early Music Vocal-Instrumental Ensemble - Music from the 17th - 19th Centuries

Monday, 14 October 2013 , ora 9.28
On Friday, 11thOctober, 2013, Manuc's Inn hosted a special event entitled Kara Eflak - music from the 17th- 19thcenturies performed by the Anton Pann early music vocal-instrumental ensemble.

'The Anton Pann ensemble illustrates a concept, a project and an idea, which apart from this ensemble whose members are mere artists, we think that we have managed to create a new musical line for young people, an alternative " - Constantin Răileanu said describing the project Anton Pann.'

The vocal-instrumental ensemble performed in a concert at Manuc's Inn last Friday. The event managed to arouse the interest of a large public, of all ages, while the hall set up for the event, proved to be too scanty; early music, adequate for the assigned space, in a programme that contained works by Dimitrie Cantemir and Anton Pann, but also by some composers of the Ottoman Empire.

The recording of the concert will come to life in their fifth album interpreted by the Anton Pann Ensembleand entitled Kara Eflak. Why this title? The answer is offered by Costantin Răileanu:

'The term karadoes not derive from black, as many people think, from kara-black, but from karia, the Arabic karia, which actually means habitation, region and in fact it makes reference to the Land of the Vlachs, the realm of the Vlachs; in truth, that is how it translates, but it is at the same time a word play for kara iflak, that means a flourishing country, a rich country and we believe that we have indeed a rich country, if not financially, then at least spiritually. '

The opinions of the visitors to the inn, on the music specific to the 17th- 19thcenturies:

'This kind of music is, in fact, the equivalent of the Romanian chamber music. We are glad that this sort of music I s recapturing the public's attention and it's a shame that it's so little promoted. It is part of our spiritual roots, unjustly ignored and replaced by the Western culture.''

'Wonderful! I have got out of this burdensome rhythm of life for a change. Extremely beautiful!'

'I've been to more than one concert. I think we've been attending them since 2008 and as soon as we find out they will perform again, we get excited, get our big group together and enjoy ourselves while listening to their music. They're special.'

'It's a grand privilege to come and hear them perform. There's also this promise of the album with this concert's music, and we are all waiting to see it fulfilled. There are only a few people in this country who work in this very precious musical area. It cheers you up. It warms the cockles of your heart.'

Lucian Haralambie
Translated by Zbarcea Bianca-Lidia and Elena Daniela Radu
MTTLC, The University of Bucharest