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Beethoven Recital at the Radio Hall

Thursday, 5 February 2015 , ora 9.35
Two of the most appreciated Romanian musicians - the pianist Valentin Gheorghiu and the violinist Gabriel Croitoru - proposed the public on Wednesday, 4th February, 2015, at the Radio Hall, another meeting with Beethoven, in a wonderful recital. Lucian Haralambie gives us more details:

Over 1000 music lovers applauded yesterday evening at the Radio Hall the performance of two great musicians. The pianist Valentin Gheorghiu and the violinist Gabriel Croitoru performed in a new Ludwig van Beethoven recital. After a first episode of the complete Sonatas for Piano and Violin composed by the Titan from Bonn closed and circled the 2013-2014 season at the Mihai Jora Studio, this time the two artists proposed another three of the ten sonatas created by the great composer.

'Delightful! It is purely Beethoven!'

A well appreciated performance by the public and among them, Augustin Zegrean, the president of the Constitutional Court of Romania:

'It is beyond my powers of appreciation. I know them both, I have been watching them for many years and I am charmed by what they can do. It is a wonderful performance! It is very good that it is given here. We congratulate the Radio and all who are responsible for its organisation and, of course, the interpreters, who are absolutely wonderful.'

'Valentin Gheorghiu remains one of the great masters of our century - the XXth and the XXIst - and I am proud that I am contemporary with him. I saw him when I was a child and I see him now, as a grown-up… Very good!'

One of the young musicians also talked about the meeting with Beethoven at the Radio Hall - the violinist Sabin Penea, a member of the Solartis Quartet:

'A very good interpretation, a very good chamber music group, made up of two special musicians. I had the honor to have one of them as my professor. I also had the pleasure to hear the Beethoven's sonatas which were vey useful because they are now a part of my study…so, it was a perfect event!'

The bassoonist Miltiade Nenoiu shared his opinions about this recital:

"I came with great expectations and they were exceeded. This is a great deal, a great joy. The maestro Valentin performs absolutely great. The way in which the public listened shows that the people were charmed and amazed. It was an extraordinary performance! I am talking about Croitoru also… they make a very good team!"

Translated by Ana-Maria Țone and Elena Daniela Radu
MTTLC,The University of Bucharest