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AUDIO. Analia Selis returns on stage at the Radio Hall with a ʹSymphonic Tangoʹ

Thursday, 8 October 2015 , ora 15.06
Analia Selis returned on stage at the Radio Hall to perform a concert dedicated to the symphonic tango along with conductor Radu Popa, the Radio Chamber Orchestra and Mariano Castro, the Argentine pianist of the Narcotango group. A report made by Georgiana Petrache:

Analia Selis: We decided to start the evening with a Romanian tango, out of respect for those in the hall, the Romanian audience, as we are in their homeland. This is beautiful. We chose Zaraza due to its Romanian origins, although its composer is from Uruguay; thus, this work has both South American and Romanian origins. Starting with it seemed to be the right choice.

This was just the begining of a tango concert with famous Argentine rhythms and well-known Romanian songs. Analia Selis and Mariano Castro from Argentina are performing Romanian symphonic tango in Bucharest.

Analia Selis: It is a great joy! I'm performing for the Romanian audience with great excitement and respect.

ʹI have attended a tango performance by Analia Selis in the past, but it didn't include an orchestra, and now it is the Radio Chamber Orchestra itself. She has moved on to a new level.ʹ

ʹBeautiful. For a first tango concert, this performance is beautiful.ʹ

ʹA wonderful collaboration.ʹ

ʹI usually listen to a different kind of music, but I enjoyed this evening very much. It was interesting.ʹ

Analia Selis: I cannot wait to perform the tango that is called Los Mareados today; it is a new work in my repertoire. I also like Por una cabeza, as well as all the other well-known works. All those waltzes are beautiful; it is difficult for me to tell which one I liked most.

Georgiana Petrache
Translated by Diaconu Oana and Ioana Săbău
MTTLC, the University of Bucharest