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The Awards Gala of Radio România Cultural

Monday, 28 March 2016 , ora 13.37
On the stage of Odeon Theatre will take place on Monday, the 21th of March 2016, at 7 PM, a true celebration whose special invites will be cultural persons who were the best in different areas during 2016. At each March ending, they are awarded at The Gala of Radio România Cultural, now at its 16th edition. Radu Croitoru, the manager of Radio România Cultural and one of the hosts in this evening, told us more about this gala:

It is a very important day for us, the ones from Radio România Cultural's team, because for the 16th consecutive year we meet on the stage of Odeon Theatre, a special place from the capital, to celebrate the most important cultural achievements from the previous year and, of course, their heroes. Just like in every year, there are prizes for eight categories, this meaning literature and in literature, of course, both prose and poetry. We'll award the achievements from the domains such as movies, theatre, music, imitative arts, education, science, cultural projects and festivals. These are the general prizes, so to speak, the categories for whom România Cultural offers a prize, but we also have three special prizes which we are very proud of. The Lux Mundi Prize will be given this year to the vizual artist, Dan Perjovschi, a very dear friend of our radio, a truly special artist who represents us worldwide. The second special prize is the "In Memoriam Iosif Sava" Prize which will be given to the pianist Raluca Știrbăț and I thank Raluca for coming all the way from Viena to be with us on the stage of Odeon Theatre. The Par Excellence Award, also a special on, maybe more special, I may add, will be given to the historian Neagu Djuvara. His lordship will turn 100 years this year and it is a curtsy gesture which the team of Radio România Cultural does for his lordship and the personality, named Neagu Djuvara.

It will be a show that will start tonight, at 7 PM, on the stage of Odeon Theatre. Will be broadcasted live by Radio România Cultural and on radioromaniacultural.ro. Our show will be recorded and later on broadcasted by the Romanian Television at TVR2 channel. I thank mister Ionel Tudor and The Radio Bing Band who will be on the stage of Odeon Theatre to complete the show with jazz moments, some of the Radio Big Band and Luiza Zan who is the invited singer of this year's Awards Gala of Radio România Cultural. I'd like very much our friends to be present, beside the nominees, the prizemen, I'd like for as many people to be there. And it will be. We've already been told that our listeners want to be beside us, so if there's no more room on the stage of Odeon Theatre, there will certainly be on our radio waves, on FM- Radio România Cultural- and radioromaniacultural.ro to celebrate together, as I way saying earlier, the most important achievements of the cultural year of 2015 and their heroes.

Lucian Haralambie
Translated by Matei Denisa (MTTLC, University of Bucharest)