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Listen to 5 Minutes of Classical Music - 'Carol ' National College, Craiova

Tuesday, 12 April 2016 , ora 11.23

On 8th April 2016, I visited one of the most prestigious high schools of Craiova, "Carol I" National College in order to talk to the pupils involved in the project: "Listen to 5 Minutes of Classical Music". Firstly, I wanted to know whether this project was truly useful for them.

"My name is Pisică Daiana. I believe that this project is really helpful because nowadays, youngsters don't listen any longer to classical music. That is the reason why, this contest has enriched my musical knowledge. We also listen to music at school. Now, in the twelfth grade, we can no longer participate in contests, but we still listen to music."

"It was useful! Allow me to present myself. My name is Dică Andrei. It was an interesting experience because in our case, not necessarily in Craiova, but at a national level, classical music isn't promoted. We have listened to pretty well-known works."

"My name is Toma Mihaela and I believe the project to be really interesting, first of all because we enrich our musical knowledge, a process which should not be done for 5 minutes, but for more. This style of music is really well-devised and somehow, it calms us down. At least, I do feel relaxed while listening to classical music and I think it is a well-done project."

"Simeanu Eduard is my name. Classical music is a really good way to communicate not only with the students, but with every person and I am glad that this genre is promoted in Romania, since it is not as promoted in our country as it is in other countries. Classical music makes us feel good, makes us reveal who we are… I used to go to the opera when I was younger, with my grandparents, and lately I haven't gone. Classical music reminds me of those times."

These were the students of "Carol I" National College, who have listened to classical music during their Musical Education courses thanks to Radio Romania Music's project: "Listen to 5 Minutes of Classical Music". Their teacher is a kind-hearted teacher of Music Education,

Mihaela Vasilcoiu:

"This project was well-received both by the students and by us, teachers of Music Education. It is truly a helping hand, a type of didactic material quite at hand. We use it, of course for musical examples, especially when talking about the history of music and not only. The younger generations also have been quite open to this project and several musical fragments have been clarified to them, because they associate classical music with cartoons, or a soundtrack from various movies or documentaries all the time. And, right now, we have succeeded in obtaining what we, as teachers want them to do: recognize the excerpt, title and composer. Of course, I believe that a youngster with general knowledge also has the knowledge of classical music." - Professor Mihaela Vasilcoiu din Craiova

Therefore, it is a successful project for teachers and students alike - "Listen to 5 Minutes of Classical Music", a project initiated by Radio Romania Music!

Cristina Comandașu
Translated by <>b Irina Mihai
MTTLC, University of Bucharest