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Dinulipatti.org's Launching - The Romanian Platform Dedicated to Pianist and Composer Dinu Lipatti

Monday, 17 October 2016 , ora 11.56
On Friday, 14th October 2016, Dinulipatti.org, the first Romanian platform, and at the same time the most complex platform, internationally speaking, dedicated to the Romanian pianist and composer Dinu Lipatti was launched in the elegant and welcoming atmosphere of New Europe College. The project was started and coordinated by our colleagues Monica Isăcescu și Ștefan Costache. On this page one can find the artist's biography, his studies, music critic's comments, unique recordings, photographs, scores and many other pieces of information which will help you fill in the missing pieces of a picture you have already made of the great musician. During the launching, on Friday, Prof.univ.dr. Valentina Sandu-Dediu (Rector of New College Europe), Prof.univ.dr. Vlad Alexandrescu and Oana Drăgulinescu, musicologist and expert in communication gave the speech. This is what they said about the launching.

Valentina Sandu-Dediu:
'It's important to have books about a subject. It's important to have access to those books, but it's much simpler to click and have an entire site filled with diverse pieces of information, colourful, rich, current and always checked because this is the quality of a site - it can always be enriched. It's something which should be created for every Romanian musician.'

Oana Drăgulinescu: 'Lipatti means a lot for the Romanian culture. Fortunately, there are people who not only say they love Lipatti, but they also do something about it. And the project initiated by Monica Isăcescu and Ștefan Costache is such a project. It's not the first time when they try to create such a project to retrieve information about Lipatti. It may seem easy to create a site. Actually, it is something huge because in this era of online information, one can be a click away from a piece of information which is of high quality.'

Vlad Alexandrescu: 'It is a tool, the first Romanian tool. I personally hope that we can create a forum for Lipatti, too, because through people who know a little bit more about his life and the circumstances in which he sang, recorded music, one can find private recordings, which are now hidden in various archives. I think it's a prime form of solidarity concerning Lipatti, which must also include the process of publishing his works.'

The evening went on with a conference held by Canadian researcher Mark Ainley, who told the audience about Lipatti's rare recordings. With charm and oratory talent, he succeeded in creating an exciting story, with specks of a detective story, through which he unravelled how he got hold of Lipatti's tapes and discs, taken from private collections, radios and academies. It was the perfect ending for a perfect night.

Radu Mihalache
Translated by Irina Mihai
MTTLC, 2nd year, University of Bucharest