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“Listen to 5 minutes of classical music” at Nicolae Bălcescu Middle School in Oradea

Monday, 11 December 2017 , ora 12.43

5 minutes of classical music at "Nicolae Bălcescu" Middle School in Oradea. We are talking to Alina Zaha, music teacher.

What was the children's reaction? Do they get involved in these five minutes of classical music?

Along the years, as a music teacher I have noticed that among children the love for music is second nature to them. The students that managed to became aware of the abundance of feelings and emotions conveyed through music will be forever in love with the art of sound and will try to keep it as close as possible by becoming faithful listeners and viewers of the philharmonic orchestra.

What is your name?

My name is Chirilă Briana and I am in 8th grade, class B. This project seems a very clever one to me; it is one of the few projects that really expands our horizons in order to know more and to add some more general knowledge to our already acquired information that helps us focus on our classes.

On its website, Radio Romania Music organizes contests as well. Have you ever participated in one?

Our music teacher told us about these contests and I decided to participate.

In other words, you want to be a winner!


Now, let us meet…

My name is Calos Maia and I am in 7th grade, class C. This project is very useful. It allows us to listen to classical music more often, it helps us develop our thinking and it helps us feel relaxed even while solving problems.

How do you usually listen to music? Do you use your headphones?

No, I enjoy listening to music by placing the device next to me.

Do you listen to classical music at home?

I actually do, it makes me calm.

My name is Vanț Iulia and I am in 8th grade, class A.

During these five minutes of classical music do you also receive information from your teacher?

Absolutely. At the beginning of every audition, our teacher introduces us the content, and at the end of it we are offered a short story that gives us even more details about the said work.

Do you have a favorite composer?

My favorite is Beethoven.

I am Cosmina and I am in 8th grade, class A as well. This project gives us the opportunity to listen to the classics and helps us study more about our past.

Did you take part in this project the previous years as well?

Yes. We would listen to auditions every year during our music classes.

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Bârlea Ștefania Maria and I am in 6th grade, class D. When we feel dissatisfied by something, we should really think about how they used to listen to live classical music back then and how expensive that was during those times. This project gives us the opportunity to listen to classical music during every music class.

Mrs. Alina Zaha, how many schoolteachers within "Nicolae Bălcescu" Middle School take part in this project?

This year I am collaborating with 31 of my colleagues, among which there are some from other departments.

So, in other words, they do not listen to classical music only during music classes.

Yes, they do not listen to classical music only during music classes, as they have been thought by my colleagues, the teachers, ever since primary school to enjoy classical music.

Inspector Mircea Boțog, how is the project "Listen to 5 minutes of classical music" unfolding in Bihor County?

It continues to grow. As opposed to last year when we had 60 school institutions involved, this year we have 81 and this is only in the beginning of the year. Last year we managed to attract over 30.000 students and 977 schoolteachers. It is a national project and our county gathered the biggest number of participants.

What do you think makes this project so appealing?

The level openness the children have towards this project. I use it during my class and I can see their enthusiasm the moment I play 5 minutes of classical music. The whole class gets excited. It is a euphoric moment. And I assume this applies to other schools as well.

Story covered by Stelian Radu Cacuci - Radio Romania Actualități reporter in Bihor County
Translated by Andreea Florina Mizdrea,
MTTLC 2nd year University of Bucharest