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'Amoroso' at Radio Romania Hall

Thursday, 12 March 2020 , ora 11.50

On the evening of March 8, 2020, the first Mărțișor concert dedicated to women, organized by Radio Romania Musical, under the title Amoroso, brought together lovers of chamber music.The audience had the opportunity to enjoy a spring-themed program with the violinist Sarah Christian, pianist Mara Dobrescu and violist Răzvan Popovici. The concert opened a new series of events, the Radio Romania Musical Concerts, in which prestigious musicians are invited to perform.

The first section of Sonata no. 5 op. 24 -The Spring by Ludwig van Beethoven, performed with romantic vigor by the violinist Sarah Christian, accompanied by the piano by Mara Dobrescu was especially appreciated by the audience. The Violist Răzvan Popovici made a lasting impression with a sentimental interpretation of the well-known work Salut d'amour by Edward Elgar, as well as with the touching performance of the two arrangements for the viola and piano Chanson du matin and Chanson at night by the same composer. Baroque sonorities were also present in the program - the two performed the Passacaglia duet for violin and viola on a theme by Georg Friedrich Händel, an arrangement made by the Norwegian composer Johan Halvorsen. Duo concertante for violin, violan and piano accompaniment by Rebecca Clarke, a work presented for the first time in Romania, ended the program of the concert. It was performed by the three musicians with virtuosity and great attention to the details of the score. The encore offered at the end, piece no. 2 of a series of 8 pieces for violin, viola and piano by the German composer Max Bruch, ended the event on the same sentimental note.

"I also liked it, aspart of the younger generation and I saw that my mother felt the music the same way so I can say that it is something that only good music can achieve."

"It was a very special moment at the beginnning of spring, with special musical arrangements, some quite unique."

"I liked it very much! In the last few years I have particularly enjoyed listening to chamber music and I watch Răzvan Popovici whenever I have the opportunity."

Finally, the violist Răzvan Popovici spoke to us as well:

"What a wonderful evening! We successfully celebrated the ladies of Bucharest - a delight to have so much audience who listened to a rarely heard repertoire, one extremely intimate, elegant, personal, and ... I am extremely happy that along with Mara Dobrescu and Sarah Christian I feltthis emotion on stage tonight in the Radio Hall. "

Reportage by Larisa Scumpu
Translated by Elena-Carmen Bobocescu, Universitatea București,
Facultatea de Limbi și Literaturi Străine, MTTLC, anul I