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Alexandru Pașcanu - A Portrait of a Musician

Thursday, 3 May 2012 , ora 9.25
The 3rd May, 2012,...a special atmosphere... emotions... the sonorities of Mozart's famous Lacrimosa sequence resonating from afar - moments which usually happen in concert halls, this time they took place in the foyer of the George Enescu Hall of the National Music University of Bucharest. On what occasion? The release of the book entitled "Alexandru Pascanu - A Portrait of a Musician" - a monography by Mihaela Fășie Cudalbu published by the "Glissando" publishing house of the National Music University. It was a veritable editorial event precisely chosen for this day of May when, many years ago in 1920, Alexandru Pascanu was born. He became a personality of Romanian culture, a musician and a man beloved by both his family and his colleagues and students. In an emotionally charged ambiance with many memories, many particularities of this artist were revealed by other well known interpreters, professors, composers and conductors; Lavinia Coman, Alexandru Leahu, Victor Simonov, Gheorghe Oprea, Dan Dediu, Mihai Cosma.

But what will you find out by paging through this volume? Undoubtedly, the author's concern was to re-emphasize the different hypostases of the man who was Alexandru Pascanu. Therefore, the book has ten chapters with details about his life, work (with analyses of symphonic, chamber and coral works), teaching and radio host careers, and thoughts of other musicians on this artist, all of them expressed in a specialized language that is also accessible to any music lover. The author, Mihaela Fasie Cudalbu is a musicologist and had been a radio show director until 2002 when she relocated to Canada.

Octavia Galescu
Translated by Vlad Nichita
MTTLC, Bucharest University