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'Mogoșoaia Poetry and Jazz Summer' Begins

Monday, 1 July 2013 , ora 8.42

The Bucharest Municipality and the General Council invite you to the third edition of Poetry and Jazz Summer, at the 'Brancovan Palace' Cultural Centre starting on 7th July, 2013.

The first performance starts at 18:00 and it will feature Traian T. Coșovei, the poet who created the first elitist core of the 80s Generation (the Jeans Generation) together with Florin Iaru, Ion Stratan and Mircea Cărtărescu, along vocalist Elena Moroșanu, pianist Ionuț Bica, double bass player Michael Acker, percussionist Marcel Moldovan, that is, "Three for Helen", with saxophonist Cătălin Milea as a guest.

After the successful performances of previous years, with impressive audiences at most performances held in the Palace, this year the Bucharest Municipality offers novel open-air performances, hosted by Dan Mircea Cipariu and co-ordinated musically by Sebastian Gheorghiu; it does so with the help of the 'Brancovan Palace' Cultural Centre, the General Council of Bucharest, ExcesMusic, the Romanian Musicians "Association of Performers" Creation through the programme "Opportunities at Your Home", Radio Romania Music and the Pro Valores Association.

Thus, the Brancovan Palace in Mogoșoaia turns into a meeting place for great contemporary poets and important jazz artists.

You will find the full schedule on: http://www.ucimr.ro/ and www.excesmusic.ro

Translated by Irina Borțoi and Elena Daniela Radu
MTTLC, The University of Bucharest